OCT type outdoor waterproof split core current transformer


ASCT brand OCT Type of waterproof outdoor split core current transformer is HEYI Electrical company new desgin waterproof split core current transformer,can be applied to test,control,display and record the running of the electrical equipment,and to protect the equipment against the damage,in the AC circuit with the rated voltage value below 720V and the frequency of 50-60Hz.The product can be also applied to from a complete set of transformer


  • Use high permeability silicon steel.
  • Outdoor , waterproof IP65,dust proof.
  • Secondary winding employ with high qualityepoxy resin casting in plastic case which is flame retardant, anti-moisture,stable performance.
  • Split core and full sealed ,use sealedwater proof cable as secondary leading wire.


  • Power quality monitoring
  • Power instrument and meter
  • Distributed measurement systems
  • Measurement of current of power supplyequipment below 10KV
  • Microcomputer protection
Technical parameters
Standards -IEC60044-1;IEC61869-2;NTC2205;GB1208-2006
Accuracy class 0.5%,1%
Range of primary rated current 100-1200A
Range of rated load 2.5VA,5VA,10VA
Range frequency 50/60Hz
Rated secondary current 5A or 1A
Secondary winding power frequency  withstand voltage 3kV , 1min
Safety Factor Rating (FS) <5
Mechanical parameters
Aperture(mm) Ø55
Dimensions(W*D*H)(mm) 180*138*52
Weight(kg) 2
Working conditions
Operating temperature -35oC+55oC ,not exceeding +40oC
Environment Outdoor or indoors
The Height of above sea level 0-3000m
Conditions No existence of severely begrimed,  erosive and radioactive gas in the air. Continuous working under the rated  current is allowed


OCT type outdoor waterproof split core current transformer-heyi


OCT type outdoor waterproof split core current transformer-heyi

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