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Low Voltage Current Transformer

A low voltage current transformer (CT) is a device used to measure and monitor electrical currents in low voltage systems.
It provides accurate current measurement by stepping down high currents to manageable levels.
They are widely used in industries, buildings, and power distribution systems to enable effective load management, equipment protection, and power quality analysis.
Low voltage CTs play a critical role in enabling efficient energy usage, ensuring system reliability, and facilitating accurate data acquisition for monitoring and control purposes. With their compact design and reliable performance, low-voltage CTs are essential components in low voltage electrical systems.
In addition to their precise current measurement capabilities, low voltage current transformers offer a few more advantages. They provide electrical isolation, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment during current measurements.
These transformers are typically compact in size, allowing for easy installation in limited spaces.
They also offer excellent linearity and accuracy over a wide range of currents, enabling reliable and consistent measurements. Furthermore, low-voltage current transformers often feature multiple ratio options, allowing for flexibility in adapting to different current levels.
With their robust construction and reliable performance, low voltage current transformer are essential components in power monitoring, energy management, and protection systems in low voltage applications.


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