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Current Sensor

Current sensor is an electronic component used to measure the intensity of current. They are commonly used in power systems to ensure the normal operation of the current and load conditions in the circuit.

The working principle of a current sensor is based on Faraday’s law, which means that the magnetic field generated by an electric current in a conductor can be measured by wrapping the sensor around the conductor. Some current sensors also include built-in amplifiers, which allow the sensor to adjust the gain of the current signal as needed and better adapt to various application environments.

In power systems, current sensors are typically installed in distribution boards to monitor the current flow across the entire circuit. The control engineer can determine the load condition of the circuit and determine the required protective measures to protect the electrical devices in the system by receiving feedback information from current sensors. At the same time, current sensors are also commonly used in electrical energy metering to measure the electrical energy consumed by a household or industrial device.

Current sensors have a wide range of applications, including in electric power systems, battery management systems for electric vehicles, industrial automation control systems, and other fields. Regardless of the application, current sensors are a key component for achieving efficient operation.


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