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Yueqing Heyi Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is a young and flexible manufacturer of current transformers and current sensors. The chief engineer, sales director, and production manager are all members of our family. HEYI is a small family company. Years of hard work to become the OEM and ODM supplier of Siemens, Schneider, Fuji Electric, Softbank, LG, Samsung and other companies.

Thanks to a strong R&D and design team and production team, today Heyi has certificates and certificates from many countries. Test report, our transformer products are exported to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and other countries, and we have signed purchase agreements with power bureaus in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. In addition, HEYI is in There are local cooperative factories in Egypt and Indonesia.

The company now has two brands of ASCT and HEYI, more than 6 product patents, more than 100 current transformer models, giving customers more choices, and will develop new currents every year. Transformers are adapted to the needs of future smart grids. Power product purchasers from various countries are welcome to establish long-term cooperation with Heyi. We can customize and design according to customer needs, and provide door-to-door services to solve customer problems after sales.


1.We are family business. The chief engineer, sales director, nd production manager are our family members, so we can make quick decisions.

2.Super R&D strength, leading the technology of split current transformer and customized transformer.We will update and iterate the latest products according to market demand every year, and the whole industry is following HEYI.

3.We cooperated with Fortune Global 500 companies, Siemens, schneider, Fuji electrical, Softbank, LG, samsung transformer supplier in China.

4.Win-win for customers, help customers gain local market share, help customers set up local factories, and provide technical training for customers in various countries.

Cooperation process

Cooperation process



HEYI factory and YIYA IMP.& EXP. CO.,LTD were founded by Bethy and Simon

We got CE and Rohs Certificates this year.

We got a big project from EDP Portuguese electrical power, that develop a new customized current transformer for consumption monitoring system.

Split Core CT developed successfully

We completed the development of 4 models of split core current transformer.

Flexible Rogowski Coil developed successfully

We became the second domestic manufacturer that successfully developed Rogowski coils and mastered its own technology.

HEYI was widely recognized in the Asian market

Minister of finance Malaysia and HEYI sales manager were discussing on how to promote current transformer to Malaysia Market.

HEYI got project of home energy monitor systems from LG ,Samsung and Korean telecom.


HEYI entered Malaysia and Indonesia Electricity Authority

We developed two special customized current transformers for TNB of Malaysia and PLN electrical power company of Indonesia.

HEYI enters the European Market

We completed design of newest technology rogowski coil in the industries and received good feedback from clients in European.

Establish cooperation with Softbank

HEYI cooperated with Soft Bank. Our split core CT became a part of consumption monitoring system in the project.

HEYI expands production workshop

Due to need of expanding production, HEYI move to new address: Xinguang Industry Zone, Yueqing, Zhejiang, China.

Establish cooperation with Schneider

HEYI became one of the current transformer suppliers to Schneider in Malaysia.

HEYI  obtained Iso90001 certification

We got the Iso90001 certificate.

we have developed the latest split core ct and become the latest technology in the industries.




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