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Shunt is an electronic component that divides the current in a circuit into two parts, flowing in two different paths. It is often used in circuits with high measurement accuracy to perform multiple different measurement operations on the circuit simultaneously.

The operating principle of a shunt is based on Ohm’s law, which states that the flow of current in a circuit is determined by both impedance and voltage values. Therefore, by introducing additional impedance into the circuit, it is possible to shunt the current into different paths. Diverters typically include resistive or inductive components that can adjust impedance values to accommodate different circuit requirements.

Diverters are widely used in power systems, communication systems, and vehicle electronic systems. In power systems, shunts can be used to achieve multiple current measurements to determine circuit load conditions and identify possible faults. In communication systems, shunts are commonly used to measure parameters such as signal strength and frequency. In vehicle electronic systems, shunts can be used for accurate current measurement of drive motors, power batteries, and charging systems.

In general, a shunt is a general-purpose electronic component that has multiple functions such as shunt, isolation, and measurement, and is widely used in modern electronic equipment.


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