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Flexible Rogowski coil

Rogowski Coil, invented by the German physicist Herman Rogowski in 1912, is a sensor for measuring current. It measures AC current through the principle of electric field induction.

The Rogowski coil consists of a winding wound around a longer length nonmagnetic chip. Typically, the length of the coil is greater than the wavelength of the current to ensure that it can measure the entire waveform. Connect a cable to the end of the coil and connect it to an ammeter or oscilloscope.

Using a scene Rogowski coil can be used to measure high-frequency currents because it has a high response speed to high-frequency signals. It is suitable for applications requiring measurement of transient pulse currents because it responds quickly to transient currents. It can also be used to measure currents with irregular waveforms because it can measure the entire waveform.

It should be noted that the Roche coil needs to be placed correctly on the cable to ensure that it can capture the entire waveform. In addition, the coil must interact with the circuit to prevent it from capturing signals in other circuits.

In summary, Rogowski coil is a sensor that uses the principle of electric field induction to measure AC current, suitable for measuring high-frequency, short pulses, and irregular waveform currents.


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