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JBK5 Machine tool control transformer


JBK5 series machine control transformer is the introduction of our company in Germany during its latest 90-series transformer in the domestic JBK series control machine tool based on the transformer,after many years of ruther foreign similar products,and advanced optimization methods scale structure of the terminals.terminal And the skeleton together ,so that the level of protection to IP2LX ,to prevent accidental circuit.The domestic use of IT Cold terminals,so that the witing connection can increase the intestity.Transformer connection between silicon and silicon steel,silicon steel sheet and plate are connected using TIG welding process to form a whole ,simple to understand .Inparticular is a one –time floor molding,the size of the installationof a JBK3 series more accurate.and the use of quality materials alloy corrosion,has greatly enhanced the reliability of the grounding performance,improve product quality,in line with the product VDE0550,IEC204-1,IEC439,JB/T9646-1999,GB5226,and other relevant international,nationalstandards ,and was awarded the European”CE”certification,the United States ‘UL’certification .With the role of foreign exchange products.

Structure feature

The biggest characteristic of this kind of transformer is that it is small and beautiful, can work effectively for a long time at rated load, and has high temperature resistance and electrical strength.

Usage environment
The altitude is not more than 3000m.
The upper limit of ambient medium temperature shall not exceed +40℃, and the lower limit shall not be lower than -8℃.
The relative humidity of the air is not more than 70%(when the temperature is 25℃). In a medium without explosion hazard and free of gases or conductive dust sufficient to corrode metal and destroy insulation.
Where there is no significant shaking or shock vibration.
A place protected from rain and snow.

What is the control transformer

The control transformer is mainly suitable for AC 50Hz(or 60Hz), voltage 1000V and below circuit, can work continuously for a long time under rated load. Usually used in machine tools, mechanical equipment as electrical control lighting and indicator power.
The control transformer is a small dry type transformer. Commonly used as a local lighting power source, signal lamp or indicator power supply, in electrical equipment as a control circuit power supply.
The control transformer works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. A transformer has two sets of coils. Primary coil and secondary coil. The secondary coil is outside the primary coil. When the primary coil is connected with alternating current, the transformer core generates alternating magnetic field, and the secondary coil generates induced electromotive force. The coil turns ratio of Satons transformer is equal to the voltage ratio.

Model Shape and size Distance to install Installation hole K*J Fmax Note
B max D max E max A C
JBK5-40,63 78 72 90 56±0.15 46±0.125 4.6 1.5
JBK5-100 85 75 96 64±0.15 62±0.15 4.6 1.5
JBK5-160 96 92 105 84±0.175 73.5±0.15 5.5 1.5
JBK5-250 96 100 104 84±0.175 85±0.175 5.8 1.5
JBK5-400 120 100 122 90±0.175 85±0.175 5.8 2
JBK5-630 150 110 140 122±0.2 90±0.175 7 2
JBK5-800 150 128 142 122±0.2 105±0.2 7 2
JBK5-1000 150 190 142 126±0.2 155±0.2 7 3
JBK5-1000 168 125 155 105±0.2 138±0.2 9 2 Cross
JBK5-1600 170 225 153 140±0.2 176±0.2 7 3 Vertical
JBK5-1600 168 138 155 116±0.2 138±0.2 9 2 Cross
JBK5-2500 194 160 165 172±0.2 195±0.23 7 4 Vertica


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