Type B Residual Current sensors HYCA-07 type

Type B Residual Current Sensors (RCS) are advanced electrical safety devices designed to provide comprehensive protection against various types of electrical faults, including both AC and DC residual currents. They are a critical component of modern electrical systems, especially those involving renewable energy sources and sensitive electronic equipment.

Type B Residual Current Sensors are advanced safety components that offer comprehensive protection against a wide range of residual current faults, including AC, pulsating DC, and smooth DC residual currents. Their high sensitivity, dual-slope detection, and compatibility with diverse electrical systems make them essential for enhancing electrical safety, especially in applications involving renewable energy and sensitive electronic equipment.


Comprehensive Protection: Type B RCSs offer protection against a wide range of residual current faults, including AC, pulsating DC, and smooth DC residual currents. This makes them suitable for environments with complex electrical loads, such as those found in solar PV installations and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.

High Sensitivity: These sensors are highly sensitive and can detect even small imbalances in current, ensuring early detection of faults and rapid response.

Dual-Slope Detection: Type B RCSs typically employ dual-slope detection technology, which enables them to distinguish between various types of residual currents and minimize the risk of false alarms.

Fast Response: In the event of a fault, Type B RCSs operate quickly, interrupting the electrical circuit within milliseconds to prevent accidents and damage.

Compatibility: They can be integrated into various electrical installations, including residential, commercial, industrial, and specialized applications like photovoltaic systems and EV charging infrastructure.

Self-Testing: Some Type B RCS models include self-testing capabilities, ensuring their continuous functionality. They periodically perform self-checks and trip if any issues are detected.


Renewable Energy Systems: Type B RCSs are commonly used in solar PV installations to monitor and protect against various fault conditions, ensuring the safety of the system and maintenance personnel.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure: They play a crucial role in EV charging stations, safeguarding against AC and DC residual currents and enhancing the safety of the charging process.

Industrial and Commercial Environments: These sensors are suitable for applications in industrial and commercial settings where complex electrical loads are common, offering protection against a wide range of residual currents.

Sensitive Electronic Equipment: Type B RCSs can be integrated into data centers and facilities with sensitive electronic equipment to prevent electrical faults that may damage or disrupt operations.

Marine and Watercraft: They are used in boats and watercraft to protect against electrical hazards in wet and conductive environments.

Renovations and New Constructions: In residential and commercial electrical installations, Type B RCSs can be included to ensure comprehensive protection against a variety of residual current faults.

Standards and Regulations:
Type B RCSs are subject to national and international standards and regulations, which define their installation requirements and performance criteria. Compliance with relevant standards ensures the safety and effectiveness of these devices in various applications.

Model Corresponding standards DC trigger threshold AC trigger threshold
HYCA-03/PD IEC62752 6mA 30mA
HYCA-03/MD IEC62955 6mA /
Absolute maximum ratings (not operating)
Electrical data Symbol Unit Specification Conditions
Load dump vervoltage UC V 32 400ms
Over-voltage UC V 25 1 minute
Reverse polarity UC V -16 1 minute
Minimum supply voltage UCmin V 6 Continuous not operating
Maximum supply voltage UCmax V 18 Continuous not operating←
Creepage distance dcp mm 7.2
Clearance dci mm 6.9
RMS voltage for AC insulation test Ud KV 2.5 50HZ, 1minute
Insulation resistance Rins 500 500 V    iso 16750-2


Type B Residual Current sensors HYCA-07 type-heyi


Type B Residual Current sensors HYCA-07 type-heyi

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