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Three phase AC Voltage Transducer HYB-V3

  • AC voltage Input: 100V,300V ,450V,600V etc.
  • Accuracy: 0.2%、0.5%
  • Response time: ≤400ms
  • Output Voltage: 0~ 10VDC, 0~ 5VDC (load resistance = input voltage /10mAdc)
  • Output Current: 0~20mAdc ,4~20mAdc(Load Resistance = 10Vdc / output current)

Three phase voltage transducer are essential components in electrical systems for monitoring and controlling electrical voltages in three-phase circuits. They play a pivotal role in converting voltage levels in each phase into standardized output signals, facilitating real-time monitoring and data acquisition.

Feature :

  • Multi-Channel Measurement: Three-phase voltage transducer, also known as three-phase voltage sensors, possess multiple channels to simultaneously measure and monitor voltage in all three phases: Phase A, Phase B, and Phase C.
  • Voltage Measurement Accuracy: These transducer offer high accuracy to provide precise voltage measurements, which are crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of electrical equipment and systems.
  • Output Signals: Three phase voltage transducer convert the measured voltage levels in each phase into standardized output signals, typically in the form of voltage outputs (e.g., 0-10V or 0-5V) or current outputs (e.g., 4-20mA current loop signals). These output signals enable monitoring, control, and data acquisition.
  • Isolation and Safety: To ensure operational safety, these transducer are equipped with robust insulation to isolate the voltage measurement circuit from external electrical contact.
  • Immunity to Interference: They are designed to resist electromagnetic interference and noise, ensuring stable and accurate voltage measurement results.
  • Communication Interfaces: Some three phase voltage transducer feature communication interfaces, allowing for data transmission to monitoring systems or data acquisition devices for remote monitoring and control.


  • Power Distribution and Grid Monitoring: Three-phase voltage transducer are widely used in power distribution and grid monitoring for ensuring voltage stability, grid synchronization, and power quality.
  • Motor Control: In industrial applications, these transducer monitor the operation of three-phase motors, ensuring that the voltage levels remain within acceptable limits for optimal motor performance.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): In UPS systems, three-phase voltage transducer monitor incoming power voltage to detect voltage anomalies and switch to battery power when necessary, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.
  • Renewable Energy Systems: They are crucial for monitoring voltage in renewable energy systems like wind turbines and solar installations, optimizing power generation and grid connection.
  • Data Centers and Critical Facilities: Three-phase voltage transducers are used to monitor voltage stability in data centers and critical facilities to safeguard sensitive electronic equipment and prevent data loss.
  • Power Quality Analysis: These transducers play a vital role in power quality analysis, helping identify and rectify voltage disturbances and ensuring power quality standards are met.

In summary, three phase voltage transducer are essential components in electrical systems for monitoring and controlling three phase voltage. They find applications in power distribution, motor control, renewable energy systems, and ensuring power quality in various industrial, commercial, and critical facility settings. These transducers are integral for maintaining the stability, safety, and efficiency of electrical systems.

AC voltage Input 100V,300V ,450V,600V etc.
Allow overload Voltage×1.2 times the nominal value lasts;
Voltage×2 times the nominal value 5s
Accuracy 0.2%、0.5%
Response time ≤400ms
Output Voltage 0~ 10VDC, 0~ 5VDC (load resistance = input voltage /10mAdc)
Output Current 0~20mAdc ,4~20mAdc(Load Resistance = 10Vdc / output current)
Output ripple ≤0.5% RO peak
Work environment temperature and humidity 0~50℃/<80% relative humidity(no condensing)
Storage conditions temperature and humidity -20~70℃/ less than 70% relative humidity (no condensation)
Aux.Power supply AC/DC 80V~270V can be customized special specifications (DC12V, 24V, 48V)
Isolate Input/output/power/shell
Power consumption DC about 3W, AC about 4VA
Shell material ABS fireproof material
weighs about 550 grams
Compressive strength AC2Kvrms /min
Insulation resistance more than 100 m Ω DC500V
Shape and size 120 (L) × 110 (W) × 75 (H) mm
Installation 35mm standard guide rail or fixed on the cabinet


Three phase AC Voltage Transducer HYB-V3-heyi

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