RS Type Current Transformer

Current sense transformer the RS model,launched by HEYI Electric, is a ring structure current transformer designed for accurate measurement of alternating current (AC) in a wide range of applications. With an inner diameter ranging from 30mm to 140mm, it offers flexibility to accommodate various conductor sizes. The RS current transformer provides a measurement range spanning from 5A to 6000A, making it suitable for both low and high-current systems.


  • Ring Structure: The RS current sense transformer features a ring design, allowing it to encircle the current-carrying conductor without the need for physical contact. This non-intrusive measurement method ensures safety and convenience during installation and operation.
  •  Inner Diameter: The transformer’s  inner diameter provides versatility, enabling it to be used with a wide range of conductor sizes, from a minimum of 30mm to a maximum of 140mm. This adaptability makes it suitable for various installation requirements.
  • Wide Measurement Range: The RS current sense transformer covers a measurement range of 5A to 6000A, ensuring accurate current measurement in both low and high-current systems. This broad range makes it applicable to diverse industrial and commercial applications.
  • High Accuracy: HEYI Electric’s RS current sense transformer is engineered for high accuracy, allowing precise current measurement even under varying load conditions. This accuracy is crucial for reliable performance in critical applications.
  • Robust Construction: The RS model is built with durable materials and robust construction to withstand harsh environmental conditions and ensure long-term reliability in demanding operational settings.


  • Power Monitoring: The RS current sense transformer is ideal for power monitoring applications, providing accurate current measurement for load analysis, energy management, and power quality assessment in industrial and commercial settings.
  • Electrical Equipment Protection: The transformer’s precise current measurement capability is valuable for electrical equipment protection schemes, such as overcurrent or short-circuit detection, enabling timely response and prevention of equipment damage.
  • Energy Management Systems: With its wide measurement range and high accuracy, the RS current sense transformer is suitable for energy management systems, enabling accurate measurement and monitoring of power consumption for efficient energy management and cost optimization.
  • Industrial Automation: The RS current sense transformer finds applications in industrial automation systems, where precise current measurement is required for process control, motor protection, and fault detection.

In summary, the HEYI Electric RS model current transformer is a ring structure transformer designed for accurate measurement of AC currents in a wide range of applications. Its inner diameter, wide measurement range, high accuracy, and robust construction make it suitable for power monitoring, electrical equipment protection, energy management systems, and industrial automation. The RS toroidal current transformer offers versatility, accuracy, and reliability to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

Type Rated Input(A) Output(A) Accuracy
RS-30 30-150A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
RS-40 100-300A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
RS-50 300-800A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
RS-65 500-1600A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
RS-87 800-2000A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
RS-110 1500-3200A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
RS-140 3000-6000A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Withstand voltage AC3kV(1min)
Rated thermal current 60ln
Dynamic stability current 2.5lth
Rated voltage AC0.72KV
Burden 1.2ln
Operating temperature range -10°C-50°C
Prevent combustion level V0
Accuracy limit class FS5
Secondary current 5A,1A
Type Ratio(A) Burden(VA)
class:0.5 class 1.0
RS-30 30/5 1(2T) 1
40/5 1(2T) 1
50/5 1.5(2T) 1.5
75/5 1 1.5
80/5 1 1.5
100/5 1.5 2.5
125/5 1.5 2.5
150/5 1.5 2.5
Type Ratio(A) Burden(VA)
class:0.5 class 1.0
RS-40 100/5 3.75 7.5
125/5 5 7.5
150/5 5 7.5
160/5 5 7.5
200/5 5 10
250/5 5 10
300/5 7.5 12.5
Type Ratio(A) Burden(VA)
class:0.5 class 1.0
RS-50 300/5 10 15
400/5 15 15
500/5 15 20
600/5 15 20
800/5 20 25
Type Ratio(A) Burden(VA)
class:0.5 class 1.0
RS-65 500/5 15 15
600/5 15 20
800/5 15 20
1000/5 15 20
1200/5 15 20
1500/5 15 20
1600/5 15 20
Type Ratio(A) Burden(VA)
class:0.5 class 1.0
RS-87 800/5 20 20
1000/5 20 25
1200/5 20 25
1500/5 20 25
1600/5 20 25
2000/5 20 30
Type Ratio(A) Burden(VA)
class:0.5 class 1.0
RS-110 1500/5 20 20
1600/5 20 25
2000/5 20 25
2500/5 30 30
3000/5 30 30
3200/5 30 30
Type Ratio(A) Burden(VA)
class:0.5 class 1.0
RS-140 3000/5 30 30
3500/5 30 30
4000/5 30 40
5000/5 30 50
6000/5 30 50


RS Type Current Transformer-heyi


RS Type Current Transformer-heyi


RS Type Current Transformer-heyi


RS Type Current Transformer-heyi


RS Type Current Transformer-heyi


RS Type Current Transformer-heyi


RS Type Current Transformer-heyi

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RS Type Current Transformer-heyi

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