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Type B Residual Current sensors HYCA-10 type

  • Small volume and footprint for integration into compact IC-CPD.
  • Avoids hazardous situations with DC fault currents.
  • Protects RCCB type A from saturation.
  • Saves costly type B RCCD.
    Volume optimized.
  • AC/DC-current sensitivity at low cost.
  • Protects RCCB type A from saturation.
  • Self-monitoring and test functions.
  • Robust mechanical design suitable for IC-CP.

Residual current monitors (Residual-current device) HYCA-F10 type

Residual current monitors model HYCA-F10 is a specialized leakage current sensor designed for wall-mounted electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This sensor is engineered to ensure the safety and reliability of the EV charging process. HYCA-F10 employs advanced technology for precise leakage current detection and offers various customization options to meet the specific needs of different customers.


  • Accurate Leakage Current Detection: HYCA-F10 sensor offers high-precision leakage current detection with rapid response, significantly reducing the risk of electric shocks.
  • Customization Options: HEYI Electric provides various customization options, including different sizes, communication interfaces (such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), and personalized logos, to meet the requirements of specific projects and brands.
  • Wide Applicability: HYCA-F10 is suitable for various charging scenarios, including home charging stations, commercial charging stations, public charging facilities, and industrial applications, ensuring electrical safety across diverse environments.
  • Compliance with International Standards: The sensor complies with international electrical safety standards, providing reliable electrical safety assurance to customers.
  • Customization Services:
    HEYI Electric is committed to providing customization services. Depending on customer needs, we can adjust the design and specifications of the HYCA-F10 sensor to meet the specific requirements of individual projects. Whether it’s personalized logos or special dimensions, we can tailor our product to ensure your charging equipment meets the highest standards and performance requirements.


Residual current monitors model HYCA-F10 is suitable for various charging scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Home Charging Stations: Used in home EV charging stations to ensure the safety and reliability of residential charging.
  • Commercial Charging Stations: Installed in commercial charging stations, providing electrical safety for multiple charging ports.
  • Public Charging Facilities: Deployed at public charging points to offer reliable charging services to electric vehicle users.
  • Industrial Applications: Used in industrial settings such as electric logistics vehicle charging stations and production equipment charging systems to ensure a safe production environment.

Residual current monitors model HYCA-F10 is a highly customizable leakage current sensor known for its precise and reliable leakage current detection. It is designed to guarantee electrical safety during the charging process for electric vehicles. With broad applicability and customization options, HEYI Electric provides high-quality products and flexible customization to meet the unique needs of various projects and brands.

model Corresponding standards DC trigger threshold AC trigger threshold
HYCA-10/MD IEC62955 6mA /
HYCA-10/PD IEC62752 6mA 30mA
Absolute maximum ratings (not operating)
Electrical data Symbol Unit Specification Conditions
Load dump vervoltage UC V 32 400ms
Over-voltage UC V 25 1 minute
Reverse polarity UC V -16 1 minute
Minimum supply voltage UCmin V 6 Continuous not operating
Maximum supply voltage UCmax V 18 Continuous not operating←
Creepage distance dcp mm 7.2
Clearance dci mm 6.9
RMS voltage for AC insulation test Ud KV 2.5 50HZ, 1minute
Insulation resistance Rins 500 500 V    iso 16750-2



Type B Residual Current sensors HYCA-10 type-heyi

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