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Power Indicator Meter AD16-22KW

  • Ambient temperature: -25℃~+55℃
  • AVibration frequency: 2-80Hz
  • Pollution degree: 3
  • Installation group: III
  • Insulation resistance:≥22MΩ
  • Protection degree:IP65,IP67
  • Self-monitoring and test functions.
  • Applying frequency: AC 50~60Hz

Power Indicator Meter, which is an advanced digital indicator light, combines digital display, indicator light and power measurement functions. This meter is designed to provide comprehensive data monitoring and display to meet the needs of power monitoring and energy efficiency optimization in electrical equipment and control systems.

Digital display: The power indicator meter adopts digital display technology, which can directly present the measured values of current, voltage, frequency and other signals on the screen in digital form, ensuring accurate and intuitive data reading.

Indicator light function: In addition to the digital display, the product is equipped with indicator lights of different colors to indicate specific status or warning information, so that the operator can quickly understand the power consumption of the equipment or system.

Power measurement: The power indicator meter has a power measurement function. By measuring the value of current and voltage, it can calculate and display power in real time, providing users with comprehensive energy monitoring and optimization reference.

Multi-function: The power indicator meter usually supports the monitoring of multiple signal types, is suitable for various types of electrical equipment and control systems, and provides a full range of data monitoring.

High precision: The high measurement accuracy of the product ensures accurate and reliable power measurement results, helping users optimize equipment operation and energy utilization.

Lightweight and Compact: With a 22mm handle size, the product is easy to install and suitable for space-constrained instrument panels, control panels, and electrical devices.


The 22mm digital  meter indicaator finds wide applications in various industrial and commercial sectors, including but not limited to the following scenarios:

  • Electrical equipment: used to monitor the power consumption of electrical equipment and understand the working status of the equipment in real time.
  • Automatic control system: used for real-time monitoring of electrical parameters to help regulate and control the power output of equipment.
  • Energy monitoring: It is used in factories, office buildings and other places to provide real-time energy consumption data and provide reference for energy-saving optimization.
  • Electrical test: As a display panel of a measuring instrument, it provides high-precision power measurement results.
  • Environmental monitoring: cooperate with other sensors to monitor and analyze changes in equipment power under different environmental conditions.


  • Comprehensive data monitoring: Provide digital display and indicator light functions to monitor electrical parameters and power consumption in an all-round way.
  • High-precision power measurement: Ensure accurate and reliable power measurement results.
  • Flexible Installation: Compact design and 22mm handle size, suitable for various installation occasions.
  • Versatility: Support the monitoring of multiple signal types, suitable for different types of electrical equipment and control systems.

As part of HEYI Electric, this product embodies the company’s extensive expertise and manufacturing experience in the electrical field, delivering high-quality electrical instrument solutions to users.

Working Condition
Ambient temperature -25℃~+55℃
Relative humidity ≤98%
Vibration frequency 2-80Hz
Acceleration 0.7g
Pollution degree 3
Installation group III
“TH”marked can work at damp-heat environment.
Technical Data
Power frequency withstand voltage 2.5kv/1min (effective AC value)
Insulation resistance ≥22MΩ
Allowable voltage fluctuation: ±20%
Continuous operating life ≥30000H
Brigtnss ≥100cd/m²
CTI ≥600
Protection degree IP65,IP67
Applying frequency AC 50~60Hz


Power Indicator Meter AD16-22KW-heyi

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