LZJ(C,D)-10 current transformer


LZC(C,D)-10 casting insulation pillar type current transformer for rated frequency of 50Hz.rated voltage 10kV power system current,energy measurment and relay protection.


  • This type of transformer primary winding and secondary winding with epoxy resin casting.
  • Core body insulation pouring folder pack folder on the nameplate.
  • The clamp foot four mounting holes on.
Rated insulation level 12/42/75kV
Load power factor 0.8(lag)
Rated primary current 5-1000A
Rated secondary current 5A/1A
Product standard GB1208
Safety factor FS<10
Type Rated voltage Rated primary current Rated secondary current Accuracy class Rated secondary load 10P Accurary class limit-value coeffcient 1 second heat current(Ka)(rms) Dynamic current
0.5class 10Pclass
LZJ-10 10 5-400 5 0.2/10P, 0.5/10P 10 15 10 60Iln 150Iln
600 50Iln 120Iln
800 50Iln 100Iln
1000 45Iln 90Iln
LZJC-10/LZJD-10 5-400 15 90Iln 160Iln
600 60Iln 150Iln
800 50Iln 120Iln
1000 45Iln 90Iln


LZJ(C,D)-10 current transformer-heyi


LZJ(C,D)-10 current transformer-heyi

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