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Window Type Current Transformers Outdoor LMZJ-40

  • Primary current:5A-600A
  • Secondary current:1A,5A
  • Rated frequency:50/60Hz
  • Rated Voltage:0.5kV/0.3kV
  • Rated load:2.5-10VA
  • Class:0.5,0.5s,0.2,0.2S
  • Rated security coefficient:Fs<5

Window Type Current Transformers

The LMZJ-40 series is a high-performance low-voltage current transformer specifically designed for outdoor applications.
Featuring advanced technology and robust materials, the LMZJ-40 series provides reliable current measurement and monitoring capabilities for low-voltage electrical systems. Key features include a window-type design for non-intrusive installation, a rugged cast structure ensuring mechanical strength and durability, and outdoor waterproofing to withstand varying weather conditions.
With its LMZJ-40 model range, this series caters to different current ranges and application needs, offering precise measurements and dependable performance. The LMZJ-40 series is an ideal choice for power system monitoring and management, ensuring the safety and stability of electrical systems in diverse outdoor environments.


LMZJ-40 type waterproof window type current transformers are a kind of CT used outdoor.It’s applied to test, control, display and record the running of the electrical equipment, and to protect the equipment against damage, in the AC circuit with the rated voltage below 720V at 50Hz/60Hz.Its accuracy can up to 0.5, 0.5s and


  • Outdoor current transformer.
  • High accuracy of 0.5,0.5s and 0.2.
  • Safe, easy to install, portable.


  • Current measurement, monitoring and protection for electrical wiring and equipment.
  • Current and power measurement for electric motors,lighting,air compressor,heating and ventilation system,air-condition equipment and automation-control system.
  • Relay protection device.
Electrical Parameter
Primary current 5A-600A
Secondary current 1A,5A
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Voltage 0.5kV/0.3kV
Rated load 2.5-10VA
Class 0.5,0.5s,0.2,0.2S
Rated security coefficient Fs<5
Type Current Ratio Burden(VA) Rated Frequency(Hz)
class:0.5 class:0.5S class:0.2S
LMZJ-40 150/5A 5 5 5 50/60
200/5A 5 5 5 50/60
250/5A 5 5 5 50/60
300/5A 5 5 5 50/60
400/5A 5 5 5 50/60
500/5A 10 5 5 50/60
600/5A 10 10 5 50/60


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Window Type Current Transformers Outdoor LMZJ-40-heyi

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Window Type Current Transformers Outdoor LMZJ-40-heyi

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