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LMZB6-10Q current transformer


The current transformer has epoxy resin cast fully enclosed bus structure.Transformer without primary winging,secongly winding is fully cast in epoxy resin.

Applies XGN-10boxes of the type fixed metal-enclosed switchgear and switchgear.

The transformer is subtractive polarity wiring.The connection parts of the protective casing.Bus fenestrae electric screen with equipotential lines when installing the equipotential lines are connected to the bus.There are four  mounting holes in the casting body.

A bus into the  line-side sign is P1,the outlet end of the first secondary winding(0.5 or10P-level) mark for 1S1,1S2,the second secondary winding (10P) outlet end for the 2S1,2S2.


  • This type of transformer is mainly composed of epoxy resin.Core made of high quailty magnetic material .
  • With excellent insulation properties and moisture resistance,and capacity to do a surface cleaning.
Rated insulation level 12/42/75kV
Load power factor 0.8(lag)
Rated primary current 1200-4000A
Rated secondary current 5A/1A
Product standard GB1208
Safety factor FS<10


LMZB6-10Q current transformer-heyi

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