LMZB3-10Q current transformer


This type of transformer is the bus structure ,the core cold-rolled silicon steel strip wound into the ring.

The secondary winding evenly along the circumference around the system in the core of a bus, not accompanied by clamping the bus device.


  • This type of transformer  bus fenestrae within the equipotential lines.Run-time access on the bus to prevent the production of corona.
  • LMZB-10Q current transformer flange and casting body into one,the narrow dimensions of less than the diameter if the casting body is  conducive to shrink the size of the switch cabinet space.
Rated insulation level 12/42/75kV
Load power factor 0.8(lag)
Rated primary current 1200-4000A
Rated secondary current 5A/1A
Product standard GB1208
Safety factor FS<10
Rated primary current Rated Secondary current Accuracy class rated output
0.2,0.2S 0.5 10P
1000 ,1200 5A,1A 10 10 15
1500 10 15 20
2000 ,2500 ,4000 ,5000 20 20 20


LMZB3-10Q current transformer-heyi

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