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LJW1-10 Current Transformer


LJW1-10,current transformer ,oil immersed insulationLJWD-10,Department of the outdoor unit for the frequency 50Hz system for current ,electric energy measurmentand protection purposes,and for rural outdoor substation.

This type is suitable for outdoor transformer  for single-phase oil-immersed self-cooled transformer built-in transformer oil,the oil surface on  the 25th from the lid is about 15mm.The  cover above attached to the fill plug (stuffed with air holes)and rain,the snow cover.

This type of transformer core shell type 0.35mm thick silicon steel sheet stacking made.The begining of the secondary coil core suite.

Accuracy class Rated frequency Rated current ratio Rated secondary capacity Rated primary voltage
0.2,0.5,3,D 50 5/5,10/5,15/5,20/5,30/5,



15 10
Accuracy class Primary current and rated current Max.Error Secondary load condition
Ratio differencr Phase difference
0.2,0.5,3,D 15,20 (-1~1),( -0.75~0.75 ),( -0.5~0.5) (-50~50),(-50~50),(-40~40) 1.secondary load rated about 25%-100% range,but not less than 0.15 Eur 2.the load power factor COSφ=0.8


LJW1-10 Current Transformer-heyi


LJW1-10 Current Transformer-heyi


LJW1-10 Current Transformer-heyi

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