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LAZBJ-10 high voltage curent transformer


This type of transformer with high dynamic and thermal stability,high accuracy full working  condition condensing type epoxy resin casting and so on.To facilitate the interchangeability.

It is to wear the wall epoxy resin cast fuly enclosed structure.For the rated  frequency 50Hzrated voltage of 10kV and below the line for energy measurment and relay protection .


  • LAZBJ-10 type current transformer is completely closed casting resin structure.
  • High tension coil forming the epoxy resin cast mold positioning,core made quailty cold-rolled silicon steel sheet around the ring.
  • The secondary therminal on the sidewall next to the secondary terminals marked with1$1,1$2and 2$1,2$2,corresponding to the measurement,protection level.
Rated insulation level 12/42/75kV
Load power factor 0.8(lag)
Rated primary current 20-1000A
Rated secondary current 5A/1A
Product standard GB1208
Safety factor FS<10
Rated primary currnet Rated short-time themal current(kA) Rated short-time themal current(kA) Dynamic current(kA)(peak)
20 5 1 12
30,40 7.5 1 20
50,60 10 1 25
75 15 2 40
100,150(160) 20 2 50
200 20 2 55
300(315),400,500 20 4 55
600(630)(750)800 32 4 80
1000 40 4 100


LAZBJ-10 high voltage curent transformer-heyi

LAJBZ-10 5-500A

LAZBJ-10 high voltage curent transformer-heyi

LAJBZ-10 600-1000A

LAZBJ-10 high voltage curent transformer-heyi

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