LAX-10 and LZZBJB-10B current transformer


It is suitable for household AC power lines and current equipment with a rated voltage of 10kV and below and a rated frequency of 50Hz.

KYN 10A series single busbar withdrawable switchgear and switchgear electric energy measurement and relay protection.


  • LZX-10 Current Transformer for epoxy resin casting semi-enclosed indoor products,primary and secondary windings with epoxy resin casting,laminated core clamp installed in the insulating casting body.
  • Current transformer insulation and mechanical properties are good.
  • Small size,light weight,easy to maintain the folder on the nameplate,warning signs,and clip the pieces together at the end feet coax installation with four hole.
  • LZZBJ8-10B for the epoxy resin cast fully enclosed indoor products,this prouct climb moment can not do the shortcomings of the S-class products to overcome the surface of the old products.
Rated insulation level 12/42/75kV
Load power factor 0.8(lag)
Rated primary current 50-1000A
Rated secondary current 5A/1A
Product standard GB1208
Safety factor FS<10
Rated primary current Accuracy class Rated secondary output 1 second heat current Dynamic current
0.2S 0.2 0.5S 0.5 10P10 10P10
50 0.2S/0.5,0.2S/10P,0.2/0.5,10P10/10P10,0.2S/0.5/10P10 10 10 10 10 15 15 4.5 11.25
75 6.75 16.8
100 9 22.5
150 13.5 33.7
200 15 37.5
300 15 22.5 56
400 30 75
500 20 37.5 93
600 20 45 112.5
800 25 20 60 150
1000 30 30 75 187.5


LAX-10 and LZZBJB-10B current transformer-heyi


LAX-10 and LZZBJB-10B current transformer-heyi

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