JY Type Current Transformer


JY series current transformer,compact structure, smaller than other models, smaller current ratio of transformer.
With related accessories, you can use Din rail installation, the current is from 5A to 5000A.


  • The structure of the self-locking, safe, easy to install, portable.
  • Wide inner window, allowing clamping of big cables or bus-bars.
  • Wide range of sizes to accommodate all the existing installations.


  • Current measurement, monitoring and piotection for electrical wiring and equipment.
  • Current and power measurement for electric motors,lighting,air compressor,heating and ventilation system,air-condition equipment and automation-control system.
  • Current,power and energy monitoring device.
  • Relay protection device.
Electrical Paramenter Mechanical Parameter
Frequency 50-60Hz Case PA/UL94-V0
Rated Input 5A-5000A Bobbin PBT
Measuring range 5%In-130%In Core Silicon steel
Rated Output 0-5A Internal structure
Ratio ≤±0.5% Construction Screw
Phase angle ≤±30min Operating Temp -40°C~+120°C
Dielectric strength 2.5KV/1mA/1min Operating Humidity ≤85%
Insulation Resistamce DC500V/100MΩmin Output Connection Terminal
Mfg P/N Rated Input(A) Output(A) Accuracy
JY-30 30-400A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
JY-40 100-800A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
JY-60 250-1500A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
JY-100 500-3000A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0
JY-125 800-5000A 1A/5A 0.5 ,1.0


JY Type Current Transformer-heyi
79 87 42 30 22 66
79 87 42 41 30 66
103 113 42 60 47 66
151 166 45 101 71 70
192 212 45 126 126 70

Accuracy Test

JY Type Current Transformer-heyi

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