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JSZK-3 6 10(F)voltage transformer


This type of voltage transformer Following the three-phase  five-column voltage transformer ,to eliminate lead to the transformer ferromagnetic resonance due to the varying degrees of power system grounding burned a lot of that scourge and developed a new type of voltage transformer.

This type of transformer -based epoxy resins and special insulation material insulation,exterior to protect the metal  box and porcelain sets,to improve the moisture resistance and electrical insulation properties .

And it is not afraid of sub-frequency ,not voltage burned,long-running line of single-phase case,without overtemperature consider,while protecting the windings of the voltage 100V to promote the relay work.


This series of product using three-phase five-column core.
Able to withstand the zero-sequence voltage in the system ground and ferromagnetic resonance.The coil was pouring epoxy resin imported swiss.
Set respectively in the three core.Easy to replace.Ease of maintenance.
Load power factor 0.8(lag)
Pollution Class Class II
Product standard GB1207
Of the transformer connected group labeled 1/1/1-12-12, three single-phase winding voltage transformer connection group for the YO/YO/△-12-11(residual voltage winding is connected to open triangle);
Type Rated voltage ratio Accurate grade and rated secondary load limit output Reted insulating level
Measurment Monitor Protection
JSZK-3F 3/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/3 40 60 50 1200 3.6/25/40
JSZK-6F 6/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/3 40 60 50 7.2/30/60
JSZK-10F 10/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/√3/0.1/3 60 90 50 12/42/75

JSZK-3 6 10(F)

JSZK-3 6 10(F)voltage transformer-heyi

JSZK-3 6 10(F)

JSZK-3 6 10(F)voltage transformer-heyi


JSZK-3 6 10(F)voltage transformer-heyi


JSZK-3 6 10(F)voltage transformer-heyi

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