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JDZXW5-36 voltage transformer


The model belongs to outdoor dry type cycloaliphatic epoxy voltage transformer. It is widely used in outdoor and Weather: Temperature can be from -25 to 40℃, Relative humidity and Altitude can be Up to 95% and 1000m, single-pole insulated, outdoor used for voltage measurement, energy metering and relay protection for power systems with voltage of 24kV and a rated frequency of 50Hz.


  1. The voltage transformer is hot vacuum cast in an insulating resin, to achieve a discharge free high voltage insulation. It is designed as a whole with umbrella skirt structure to avoid the possibility of water accumulation on the product.
  2. The transformer will be suitable for horizontal installation on a steel structure;
  3. The secondary junction box on the transformer is not removable, and sealing protection level reaches IP55. The secondary junction box has a lead seal anti-theft function. The outlet hole has M32 connectors side.
  4. Ground terminals of threaded bolt type M12 stainless steel bolts.
  5. All parts and components of the current transformer will be resistant to atmospheric corrosion.
  6. All terminals will be clearly marked.
Item Voltage transformer
Max. System Voltage 24 kV
System Frequency 50 Hz
Impulse withstand voltage BIL 125 kV
Power frequency withstand Voltage
(Pri. to sec. & Gnd.)
50 kV (r.m.s.) 1 minute
Power frequency withstand Voltage
(Sec. to sec. & Gnd.)
3 kV (r.m.s.) 1 minute
Ratio 22/√3/0.11/√3/0.11/√3 kV
Accuracy class 0.5/3P
Rated output 30/30VA
Limit thermal output 200/200VA
Rated voltage factor 1.5Un/30s
Minimum creepage distance 1250mm
Insulation Epoxy resin
Type Outdoor Dry Type
Weight Approximately 43.5kg
Applicable Standard IEC 61869-1&3


JDZXW5-36 voltage transformer-heyi


JDZXW5-36 voltage transformer-heyi

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