JSZXW-15W voltage transformer


JDZXW-15 voltage transformer is suitable for AC power system with rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz and rated voltage of 15kV for electric energy measurement, voltage measurement and relay protection.

Normal working/installation conditions:

1.Installation place:Outdoor

2.Ambient temperature: the highest temperature is 40 ℃ , the lowest temperature is -5 ℃ , and the daily

average temperature does not exceed 30℃ .

3.Atmospheric conditions: There is no serious pollution in the atmosphere.


This series of voltage transformers is a pillar-type structure, which is fully enclosed with epoxy resin, which is resistant to pollution and humidity. It is also suitable for use in tropical areas. The transformers do not require special maintenance.

Waterproof connectors are installed at the secondary outlet terminals of the transformers.

There is a hole on the front and side of the terminal box, which is matched with the outlet end for wiring, which is safe andreliable.

There are grounding bolts and four mounting holes for installation on the bottom plate of the product.

Product name Rated voltage ratio
Accuracy Rated output
Limit output
Rated insulation level
JDZXW-15 15/ √ 3/0.1/ √ 3/0.1/3 0.2/3P 15/50 200 17.5/55/105
0.5/3P 30/50


JSZXW-15W voltage transformer-heyi


JSZXW-15W voltage transformer-heyi


JSZXW-15W voltage transformer-heyi

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