JDZ(F)W-35GYW voltage transformer


This is type of voltage transformer for outdoor epoxy resin(Switzerland,Ciba CW5837)casting a fully enclosed structure.

Applies to AC 50Hz ,Rated voltage of 10kV and below  the power system for voltage and power measurment and relay protection .

Apply to outdoor substation in rural areas can also be used for industrial,enterprise small change,power distribution.


The voltage transformer of this type,the pillar structure ,fully enclosed ,small size ,quailty ,suitable for any location,installed in any direction.
The second outlet side of the terminal protection cover,below the outlet hole,and anti-theft measures.Safe and reliable ,there are four mounting holes on the channel.
Load power factor 0.8(lag)
Pollution Class Class II
Product standard GB1207
Of the transformer connected group labeled 1/1/1-12-12, three single-phase winding voltage transformer connection group for the YO/YO/△-12-11(residual voltage winding is connected to open triangle);
Type Rated voltage ratio Accuracy class Rated secondary load limit output Reted insulating level
JDZW-35GY 35/0.1 0.2/0.5 60120 1200 40.5/95/200
JDZFW-36GY 35/0.1/0.1 0.2/0.2 , 0.2/0.5 , 0.5/0.5 30/30 ,30/50 , 50/50 600


JDZ(F)W-35GYW voltage transformer-heyi


JDZ(F)W-35GYW voltage transformer-heyi

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