JDQXF-35/66/110/220 voltage transformer


This is product is a single-phase outdoor type for rated voltage were 35,66,110and 220kV ,rated frequency of 50Hz AC power system for voltage measurment ,relay protection and automatic monitoring.

Levels of 35,66 kV transformer ground of its operating system for the neutal point non-effectively grouded system:110,220kV rating of the transformer ground of its operating system for effective grounding system of the neutral point.


The product design is reasonable .With explosion-proof function.
Good sealing performance.
PD levels are low.
The amount of product compatibility.Low flux density anti-resonant.
The dielectric loss factor.Anti-weather capability.
The ability to withstand earthquakes.
Ambient temperature 25 ℃~40 ℃ the ave.:30 ℃.
Altitude ≤1000m.Be designed more than 1000m
Relative humidity <95% (at 20 ℃).
Withstand seismic capacity A seismic intensity of 8 degrees.
Wind speed ≤35m /s
Atmospheric conditions Atmospheric heavy pollution, anti-pollution class for grade III
Type JDQX-35W2 JDQX-66W2 JDQX-110W2 JDQX-220W2
Rated voltage(KV) 35√3 66√3 110√3 220√3
Rated frequency(Hz) 50 50 50 50
Maximum working voltage(KV) 40.5 72.5 126 252
Rated secondary voltage(V) 100√3 100√3 100√3 100√3
Residual voltage winding rated voltage(V) 100/3 100/3 100 100
Accuracy class(combined) 0.2/3P 0.2/0.5/3P 0.2/0.5/3P 0.2/0.5/3P
Rated output(corresponding)(VA) 50/100 100/100/100 150/150/300 100/150/300
Rated voltage factor/time 1.9/8h 1.9/8h 1.5/30s 1.5/30s
Primary winding to ground withstand voltage(KV) 5 5 5 5
Primary winding inductionwithstand voltage(KV) 95 160 230 460
Full-wave lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak)(KV) 200 350 480 950
Chopped wave lighting impulse withstand voltage(peak)(KV) 220 360 530 1050
Zero gauge withstand voltage(KV) 30.4 55 95 190
Work pressure/qi pressure(Mpa) 0.4/0.35 0.4/0.35 0.4/0.35 0.4/0.35
Partial discharge level(pC) <5 <5 <5 <5
Rated thermal limit output 500 1000 2000 1500
The annual leakage rate <0.5% <0.5% <0.5% <0.5%
Type JDQX-35W2 Dimension
Outline din of product A☓B☓H JDQXF-35/66/110/220 voltage transformer-heyi
L ☓ W ☓ H 590☓517☓1081
Installation dim a☓b(mm) 315☓315
Mounting hole dia 4☓ød(mm) 4-ø22
Type JDQX-66W2
Outline din of product A☓B☓H
L ☓ W ☓ H 670☓655☓1930
Installation dim a☓b(mm) 320☓320
Mounting hole dia 4☓ød(mm) 4-ø18
Type JDQX-110W2
Outline din of product A☓B☓H
L ☓ W ☓ H 698☓710☓1920
Installation dim a☓b(mm) 450☓450
Mounting hole dia 4☓ød(mm) 4-ø20
Type JDQX-220W2
Outline din of product A☓B☓H
L ☓ W ☓ H 840☓830☓3392
Installation dim a☓b(mm) 340☓320
Mounting hole dia 4☓ød(mm) 4-ø18

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