HYCA-F12 residual current sensor


HYCA-F12 is residual current operated protective sensor for EV charger.It’s to avoid hazardous situations in cases where the vehicle battery (DC) is connected to the home power supply (AC). Generally, AC/DC sensitive residual current sensors can be used where direct current and alternating current and alternating current circuits are directly connected and therefore AC/DC leakage currents can occur.


  • DC 6mA Current Alarm
  • Mounted on PCB Board
  • 30mA AC/6mA DC Trip Indication
  • High-frequency response up to 2kHz


  • Meet IEC 62752 mode II charging-related residual current test requirements.
  • Meet IEC 62955 mode three charging RDC-PD related residual current test requirements.
  • Meet the basic requirements of GB/T 22794 based on the adaptation of DC 6mA test requirements
Pin number Symbol Pin typ Functions
 1 Error  / Open-collector output pin for indicating the system
fault condition.
When no system fault, this pin will be conducted
to GND.
When system fault occured, this pin will be highimpedance.
2 TEST-IN OUTPUT When this pin been conducted to 0VDC, module will calculate the zero-point-drift and store the value to register in the MCU to finish the callbration operation.
After calibration finished, system will internally generate simulated residual current, to check whether module can do the correct response.During this procedure, X30-OUT & X6-OUT will turn to highimpedance if module working correct.
When using the TEST-IN function, the main circuit must be cut-off to ensure no r esidual current flow When using this pin function, please follow the time diagram figure.
3 X6-OUT OUTPUT If residual current exceeds pre-set DC trippling value(for this module typically 4.6 mADC),this output is in a high-impedance state When the total residual current r.m.s exceeds pre-set all-current trippling value, this output is in a highimpedance state
When system-fault happens, this output is in a highimpedance state.
For other normal conditions, this output is in a low
4 X30-OUT OUTPUT If residual current exceeds pre-set all-current tripping value (for pure-AC typically 23 mAAC), this output is in a high-impedance state.
When system-fault happens, this output is in a highimpedance state.
For other normal conditions, this output is in a low
5 GND POWER Ground
6 VDD POWER Module power supply, standard voltage 5VDC Voltage input required to be within 4.85~5.15VDC, power output capability > 100mA Power supply ripple ÿ 150mV (It is suggested to use LDO circuit, for reference IC LP2985A-50DB)
7 PWM OUTPUT Indicating DC residual current component with duty-cycle with 8kHz PWM Output resolution = 3.33%/mADC from 0~30mADC
Accuracy about ±0.5mA
8 N.C. Nout used
Trip-Current (residual current related characteristics.
Wav. Freq. Min. Typ Max. Unit
AC 50Hz 20.0 23.0 26.0 mA
A0° 50Hz 11.0 15.0 30.0 mA
A90° 50Hz 10.0 20.0 30.0 mA
A135° 50Hz 10.0 24.0 35.0 mA
2PDC 50Hz 3.5 5.0 7.0 mA
3PDC 50Hz 3.1 4.6 6.2 mA
S-DC 3.0 4.6 6.0 mA
Trip-Time (residual current related characteristics
Wav. Freq. Current TYP. Unit
AC 50Hz 30mA 25 ms
AC 50Hz 60mA 16 ms
AC 50Hz 150mA 15 ms
AC 50Hz 5A~100A 8.5 ms
A0° 50Hz 42mA 25 ms
A0° 50Hz 84mA 18 ms
A0° 50Hz 210mA 10 ms
A0° 50Hz 42mA+6mADC 18 ms
A0° 50Hz 84mA+6mADC 15 ms
A0° 50Hz 210mA+6mADC 15 ms
S-DC 6mA 48 ms
S-DC 60mA 16 ms
S-DC 300mA 8.5 ms
2PDC/3PDC 50Hz 60mA 20 ms
2PDC/3PDC 50Hz 120mA 25 ms
2PDC/3PDC 50Hz 300mA 12 ms
2PDC/3PDC 50Hz 5~50A 12 ms
Electrical/Reliability Characteristics
Working Temperature 40℃~105℃
Storage Temparature 40℃~105℃
Supply Voltage(VDD) 4.85~5.15 VDC
recommend 49*51 VDC
Static Power Consumption 110mW
Voltage Input, low level 0~0.6VDC
Voltage Input, high level 4.2~5VDC
FIT 25℃= 48.755
80℃ = 213.13
Designed Life ≥20 years
Working Altitude ≤4000m


HYCA-F12 residual current sensor-heyi

Principle Diagram

HYCA-F12 residual current sensor-heyi

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