HY-ZCT-150 Type Zero-sequence Current Transformer


The HY-ZCT-150 type zero-sequence current transformer is used in conjunction with the relay protection device or signal when the power system generates zero-sequence grounding current to make the device components act and realize protection or monitoring.

When an electric shock or leakage fault occurs in the circuit, the secondary side of the transformer outputs the zero-sequence current, so that the equipment on the connected secondary line can be protected (cut off the power supply, alarm, etc.).


  • Epoxy resin casting encapsulation, good seismic resistance;
  • Adoption of hole punching that is convenient for installation;
  • Adoption of high permeability magnetic material, with wide measurement range;
  • Elegant appearance, small volume, flexible using;


  • Electric fire monitorin
  • Fire prevention and leakage protection system
  • Electromagnetic relaying protection
  • Microcomputer protection, etc.
Model Specifications Rated Pr.Current(A) Min. Current(mA) Rated Sec. Current (mA) Max current of system window size(mm) Accuracy Class
HY-ZCT-150 1A/1mA 1A 30mA 1mA 800A 150mm 0.5
1A/0.5mA 1A 30mA 0.5mA 800A 150mm 0.5


HY-ZCT-150 Type Zero-sequence Current Transformer-heyi

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