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HY-R0 Smart Circuit Breaker

  • AC Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated Operating Voltage: 230/400V
  • Rated Operating Current: Up to 63A

Smart Circuit Breaker HY-R0 Series :

The R0 series circuit breakers stand out as a versatile solution, catering to users or loads with an AC frequency of 50/60Hz, a rated operating voltage of 230/400V, and a rated operating current of 63A and below. Beyond the fundamental attributes of traditional circuit breakers, the R0 series introduces a host of advanced features, combining electronic protection measures (over/under voltage, overcurrent, overload, leakage, etc.) with the convenience of remote control.


  • Residential Convenience:
    The R0 series is an ideal choice for residential spaces, offering advanced protection and control features. Users can conveniently manage their electrical systems remotely, ensuring a safe and efficient home environment.
  • Commercial Efficiency:
    In commercial settings, the R0 series contributes to operational efficiency. Its remote monitoring capabilities and advanced protection mechanisms make it a valuable asset for businesses seeking reliable electrical control.
  • Industrial Security:
    The R0 series finds application in industrial installations, where its high breaking capacity and electronic protection features provide a robust defense against electrical anomalies, enhancing overall security.


  • Advanced Electronic Protection:
    In addition to the standard short circuit and overload protection, the R0 series incorporates electronic safeguards, ensuring comprehensive protection against over/under voltage, overcurrent, overload, leakage, and more. This multifaceted protection mechanism enhances the safety and reliability of electrical systems.
  • Remote Control Capabilities:
    The R0 series embraces modern connectivity with its remote control feature. Through seamless integration with WiFi, users can remotely monitor, control, and manage the circuit breaker using a dedicated mobile application. This empowers users with real-time insights and control, irrespective of their physical location.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design:
    The R0 series boasts a visually appealing design that complements its technical prowess. The circuit breaker not only performs with excellence but also adds an aesthetic touch to its surroundings. This makes it suitable for installation in a variety of settings, from residential to commercial spaces.
  • Outstanding Performance and Reliability:
    Engineered for excellence, the R0 series exhibits outstanding performance and reliability. With a high breaking capacity and quick disconnection capability, this smart circuit breaker ensures the swift and secure interruption of electrical currents, minimizing potential damage and risks.
Project Parameter
Electrical parameters Rated operating voltage AC 230V/400V
Frame rated current 63A
Breaking capacity 1cs: 6000A
Rated current 16A/25A/32A/40A/50A/63A
Accuracy level No metering
Power consumption Standby power consumption: ≤5W
Trip power consumption: ≤15W
Closing power consumption: ≤15W
Minimum operating voltage ≧ 70VAC
Communication Communication interface 485
Communication protocol Modbus-RTU (optional)
Operating environmental
Operating temperature -25℃~+ 70℃
Pollution degree Level 2
Installation Wiring Adopts clamp terminal (wire cross-sectional area up to 35 square millimeters)
Guide rail Installed on 35.5×7.5mm standard rail
Service life Mechanical life ≥5 years
Electrical life ≥5 years
Specifications (C, D) Number of Poles Residual Current (RCD only) Communication
16A MCB 1P Leakage protection 30mA 485+Dry contact
25A MCB 2P Leakage protection 30mA Dry and wet contact+Reclosing
32A MCB 3P Leakage protection 30mA Automatic reclosing
63A RCD 1P+N / /


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