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Flexible Rogowski coil FRC HEYI ASCT

  • Coil length:  210 to 800 mm
  • Coil cross section: 6.5±0.2 mm
  • Range frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Inner diameter: 60 to 245 mm (±10%)

Rogowski coil, specifically the FRC model manufactured by HEYI Electric, is a type of flexible current sensor widely used for measuring alternating current (AC) in power systems. This coil-based sensor offers unique characteristics, applications, and principles that set it apart from traditional current transformers.


  1. Power Quality Analysis: Rogowski coils are commonly used in power quality analysis applications to monitor and analyze harmonics, voltage sags, swells, and other disturbances in electrical systems.
  2. Energy Management Systems: The flexibility and accuracy of Rogowski coils make them ideal for energy management systems, enabling accurate measurement and monitoring of power consumption in real-time.
  3. Electrical Testing and Monitoring: These coils are extensively used in electrical testing and monitoring applications, such as load studies, equipment performance analysis, and fault detection in power systems.
  4. Power Monitoring and Metering: Rogowski coils are employed for power monitoring and metering applications, providing accurate measurement of current for billing, load balancing, and energy efficiency evaluations.


The Rogowski coil operates on the principle of magnetic field induction. When an AC current flows through a conductor, it generates a magnetic field around it. The Rogowski coil consists of a helical coil wound around a magnetic core. The changing magnetic field induces a voltage in the coil proportional to the rate of change of the current. By integrating this induced voltage over time, the current waveform can be determined.

The FRC model manufactured by HEYI Electric follows the same principle, utilizing high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure accurate and reliable current measurements.

In summary, the Rogowski coil, particularly the FRC model from HEYI Electric, is a flexible current sensor used for non-intrusive and accurate measurement of AC currents. Its characteristics include flexibility, non-intrusiveness, extended frequency range, high accuracy, and high bandwidth. The coil finds applications in power quality analysis, energy management systems, electrical testing and monitoring, and power monitoring and metering. Its principle of operation involves magnetic field induction and voltage integration for current measurement.


  • Flexibility: The Rogowski coil is highly flexible and can be easily wrapped around conductors of various sizes, making it suitable for installations in tight spaces and complex wiring configurations.
  • Non-intrusive: Unlike traditional current transformers, the Rogowski coil does not require physical contact with the measured conductor, allowing for non-intrusive and safer current measurements.
  • Extended Frequency Range: The FRC model manufactured by HEYI Electric typically offers a wide frequency range, enabling accurate measurements of both low and high-frequency currents, including harmonics.
  • High Accuracy: Rogowski coils exhibit excellent linearity and accuracy across a wide dynamic range, ensuring precise current measurement even under varying load conditions.
  • High Bandwidth: The FRC Rogowski coil from HEYI Electric is designed with a high bandwidth, allowing it to accurately capture fast-changing current waveforms and transients.
  • The absence of magnetic core grants a wide frequency response to be suitable for measurement of harmonic content and transients.
  • Very useful with large size or awkward shaped conductors or in places with limited access.
  • Non-intrusive, no power drawn from the main,not damaged by large overloads.
  • There is no danger from open-circuited secondary.


  • Measuring devices,lab instrumentation.
  • Harmonics and transients monitoring.
  • Very high current monitoring,power quality monitoring.
  • DC ripple measurement,electric furnace,relay protection.
Model Coil length (mm) Inner diameter (mm) Output level (RMS) Coil color
FRC040 210 mm 60mm ±10% 40mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow
FRC040 350 mm 103mm ±10% 40mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow
FRC040 420 mm 125mm ±10% 40mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow
FRC080 350 mm 103mm ±10% 80mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow, Blue
FRC080 420 mm 125mm ±10% 80mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow, Blue
FRC080 510 mm 155mm ±10% 80mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow, Blue
FRC100 420 mm 125mm ±10% 100mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow
FRC100 510 mm 155mm ±10% 100mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow
FRC100 600 mm 180mm ±10% 100mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow
FRC100 800 mm 245mm ±10% 100mV/1000A @50Hz Black, Red, Yellow
Coil length: from 210 to 420 mm
Inner diameter: from 60 to 125 mm (±10%)
Coil cross section: 6.5±0.2 mm
Fastening: bayonetholder
Material: thermoplastic UL94-V0
Color: coil: black(standard), red, yellow (other color could be customised)
closing unit: black
Type Cable  (with 3-wire terminal)
Cable + BNC/Oscilloscope Interface
Length 3000 mm (standard)
(other length could be customised)
Material: Xy23/0.1 丅s/2C+A+B
Color: black
Output level (RMS): 40mV/1000A @50Hz (Standard)
Accuracy: Class 1.0 (coil must be calibrated with amplifier/integrator load impedance)
Linearity (10% to 100% of range): ±0.1% of reading
Frequency range/Bandwidth: Approx 10Hz to 10MHz
Phase shift: 90°
Conductor position sensitivity: ±2% Maximum
Inuence of external field: ±2% Maximum
Working voltage(max): 1000Vrms CATIII
600Vrms CATIV
Hipot test 7400Vrms @50/60Hz 1min.


Circuit Diagram

Flexible Rogowski coil FRC HEYI ASCT-heyi

Output praph

Flexible Rogowski coil FRC HEYI ASCT-heyi

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