Why dc current not used in transformer

FAQ | Mar 21,2023

DC current is not used in transformers because transformers rely on the changing magnetic field produced by an alternating current (AC) to induce voltage in the secondary winding. This is known as electromagnetic induction.

In a transformer, AC current flowing through the primary winding creates a changing magnetic field that induces an alternating voltage in the secondary winding. This voltage can be stepped up or down depending on the number of turns in the primary and secondary windings.

In contrast, DC current produces a constant magnetic field, which does not induce voltage in a transformer. Therefore, a transformer cannot operate on DC current.

To convert DC current to AC current for use in a transformer, a device called an inverter is used to create an AC waveform from the DC input. This is commonly used in applications such as solar inverters, where DC power from a solar panel is converted to AC power for use in a home or building.

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