Why current transformer secondary should not be open

FAQ | Mar 21,2023

Current transformers (CTs) are used to measure the electrical current flowing through a conductor. The CT’s primary winding is connected in series with the conductor, while the secondary winding is connected to a measuring instrument or a protective device.

The secondary winding of a CT should not be left open or disconnected from the measuring instrument or protective device because it can lead to dangerous conditions. When the secondary winding is open, the voltage across it will increase, potentially causing the insulation to break down and damaging the transformer.

Moreover, an open secondary circuit can create an electrical hazard, as it can generate high voltages that can cause electrical shock to people and damage the equipment connected to it.

In summary, leaving the secondary winding of a current transformer open can result in damage to the transformer and create an electrical hazard, making it essential to ensure that the secondary winding is always connected to a load or a measuring device.

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