How to wire current garage lights to motion sensor

FAQ | Feb 27,2023

Before adding motion sensors to your lights, get these tools ready so you can speed up the process.
1. Motion sensor
2. Screwdriver
3. Optional
(1) Wire cutting machine: cut the wire if necessary
(2) Wire connectors: By default, most motion sensor light switches include wire connectors in the accessory pack
(3) Voltage tester: identify the hot wire and ensure that the voltage is off
(4) Electrical tape: marking hot wire
(5) Junction box: used to fix and install motion sensors
Second, place the motion sensor
Turn off the power to the lamp to which you want to add a motion sensor. Find a spot in your home between the power supply and the lights where you want to install motion sensors. If necessary, install junction boxes and cut live and neutral wires for mounting and securing motion sensors. Now mark the hot lines and load lines.
1. Turn on the power and test each black wire in the junction box with a non-contact voltage tester. The hot line has power, but the load line of the lamp has no power.
2. Turn off the power and confirm with a non-contact voltage tester.
3. Mark hot lines with electrical tape if needed.
Connect the motion sensor to the lamp
This is a standard motion sensor wiring diagram and you can apply almost all of the above wiring. Wiring is very simple, similar to installing a motion sensor light switch. All you need is three wires. L is for wire or hot line, which is the power source in your home. L1 The load line used to power the lamp. N is the zero line, you simply connect them together.
How do I connect a motion sensor to an existing light circuit switch?
1. Connect your home’s hot line to the hot line on your motion sensor.
2. Connect the load cable to the load cable on the lamp and motion sensor.
3. Connect the neutral wire in your home to the neutral wire on the motion sensor.
Four, adjust the motion sensor
Now screw the motion sensor part into the junction box and power it on to test the best Settings. Test several times and adjust the motion sensor Settings to optimal values, such as time delay, motion detection sensitivity, light sensor LUX. Change the motion sensor to ensure that it detects the desired motion detection area. Install and tighten the motion sensor.


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