How to tell if battery current sensor is bad

FAQ | Feb 18,2023

Battery sensors are generally installed in the negative electrode of the battery, and use internal components to measure the temperature, voltage and current values of the battery liquid required by the control system, and send these signals to the ECM using the N communication line. The ECM uses the duty cycle ratio of these signals to periodically control the AC engine. The main function is to detect the current voltage and temperature of the battery. Generally, vehicles will install a current sensor on the negative terminal post. It mainly detects the battery current of the vehicle, and then switches the charging mode according to the use of the battery. Now some vehicles have the start-stop function, and the current sensor will make a signal to judge whether it can start and stop.
Battery sensor fault phenomenon is that the battery negative sensor is damaged, it will lead to the dashboard can not be warned normally, generally bad does not affect the normal start, but the automatic start and stop may not be used, there is also the power generation will not be adjusted.
The function of the battery temperature sensor is to determine the charging current of the charger by detecting the temperature of the battery. If the temperature of the battery is high, the current will become larger under the same voltage, resulting in excessive charging of the battery, and damage of the battery due to excessive charging in advance. If the battery temperature is too low, the discharge current will decrease, which may affect the startup. By testing the temperature, the ignition system can improve the starting current of the battery by adjusting the system resistance, so as to ensure that the car starts.

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