Do step up transformers reduce current

FAQ | Feb 10,2023

A step up transformer is an electrical device that amplifies the voltage from the primary coil to the secondary coil. It is commonly used in power plants where voltage generation and transmission occurs.
The step up transformer has two main parts – the core and the winding. The core of a transformer is made of a material with a higher permeability than a vacuum. The reason for using high permeability substances is to limit field lines and reduce losses. Silicon steel or ferrite is used to prevent transformer from causing excessive eddy current and hysteresis loss. So the magnetic flux can flow easily through the core and increase the efficiency of the transformer.
The winding of the transformer is made of copper. Copper is extremely rigid and is ideal for carrying large amounts of current. These are covered with insulators to provide safety and durability for better performance. The winding is wound around the transformer core. Primary coils consist of fewer windings and thicker wires, and are specifically designed to carry low voltages and high currents. The secondary coil is the exact opposite phenomenon. This time the wire is thinner and has more turns. These wires are good carriers of high voltage and low current.
The primary winding has fewer turns than the secondary winding, Ns>Np (Ns= number of turns in the secondary coil, Np= number of turns in the primary coil). By the nature of the ideal transformer, the [Latex] \ frac {N_ {p}} {N_ {s}} = \ frac {V_ {p}} {V_ {s}} [/ Latex]. Therefore, the more turns of the secondary coil, the greater the induced voltage. But the power of the transformer should be fixed. Therefore, the step up transformer gradually increases the voltage and decreases the current to keep the power constant. Step up transformer is an indispensable part of power system. Transmission lines use step up transformers to transmit voltage over long distances.

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