A novel low-cost smart current sensor for utility conductors

FAQ | Mar 06,2023

Utility companies need reliable and cost-effective sensors to monitor the current flowing through their conductors. Existing sensors are often expensive and difficult to install, making widespread deployment challenging.

A team of researchers has developed a novel low-cost smart current sensor that can be easily installed on utility conductors. The sensor consists of a current transformer and a microcontroller that processes the current data and transmits it wirelessly to a central server.

The sensor has several advantages over existing sensors. It is low-cost, making widespread deployment more feasible. It is also easy to install, requiring no additional equipment or infrastructure. The sensor is compact and lightweight, making it suitable for use in a wide range of settings.

The smart sensor also provides real-time data on the current flowing through the conductor. This information can be used to detect faults or anomalies in the system and to improve the overall efficiency and reliability of the power grid.

The team has tested the sensor in both laboratory and field settings and has shown that it is accurate and reliable. They believe that their sensor could be a game-changer in the utility industry, enabling widespread monitoring of the power grid and improving the efficiency and reliability of the system.

In summary, the novel low-cost smart current sensor developed by this team has the potential to revolutionize the way utility companies monitor their conductors. It is easy to install, low-cost, and provides real-time data that can be used to improve the efficiency and reliability of the power grid.

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