DM Type Current Transformer


DM series current transformers can be used to test, control, display and record the operation of electrical equipment and protect the equipment from damage.

DM can also be used in matching mine transformers.


  • The DM series of current transfomer are convenient for mounting in many ways.
  • The most current transformer need the special mounting and the DM series used,the mounting of DIN typing without a lot of time.
  • The protective cover for the terminal block used the switching device with safety and quick.
  • Compact design .Built in hinged terminal cover .
  • Primary current from 15A to 300A.


  • Current measurement, monitoring and piotection for electrical wiring and equipment.
  • Current and power measurement for electric motors,lighting,air compressor,heating and ventilation system,air-condition equipment and automation-control system.
  • Current,power and energy monitoring device.
  • Relay protection device.
Electrical Parameter Mechanical Parameter
Frequency 50/60HZ Case PC/UL94-V0
Rated Input 15A-300A Bobbin PBT
Measuring range 5%In-120%In Core Silicon steel
Rated Output 1A , 5A Internal structure Screw
Rated Voltage 0.72KV (AC) Operating Temp -25℃~+75℃
Dielectric strangth 3.0KV/1mA/1min Operating Humidity ≤85%
Insulation Resistance DC500V/100MΩ min Output Connection Terminal
Type Ratio (A) Burden (VA) Frequency(Hz)
Class: 1.0
DM-20 15/5A 1.5(5T) 50/60
20/5A 2.5(5T) 50/60
25/5A 2.5(4T) 50/60
30/5A 2.5(4T) 50/60
40/5A 2.5(3T) 50/60
50/5A 2.5(2T) 50/60
60/5A 1.5 50/60
75/5A 1.5 50/60
80/5A 1.5 50/60
100/5A 2.5 50/60
125/5A 2.5 50/60
150/5A 2.5 50/60
200/5A 3.75 50/60
250/5A 3.75 50/60
300/5A 3.75 50/60
Type Ratio (A) Burden (VA) Frequency(Hz)
Class: 1.0
DM-30 100/5A 2.5 50/60
125/5A 2.5 50/60
150/5A 2.5 50/60
200/5A 2.5 50/60
250/5A 2.5 50/60
300/5A 2.5 50/60


DM Type Current Transformer-heyi


DM Type Current Transformer-heyi

Install Method

DM Type Current Transformer-heyi

Accuracy Test

DM Type Current Transformer-heyi

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