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DCT-603 Type Mini Current Transformer


Appliance to all kinds of high precise instrument,like single-phase or three-phase electronic type electric
DC immune High Precision Current Transformer Main characteristics
1. Adopt high magnetic permeability magnetic core, with high precision and good linearity and can resist DC component.
2.The range of applicable electric current is wide(5A-400A)
3.Primary input and secondary output ensure flexible and diversified forms as well as easy installation.
4.With a complete range of specification, products can be made according customers special requirements

–Accurate DC measurement;
–Suitable for a wide range of current (from 1.5 to 100A)

–Linear output current , high precision;
–Compact , delicate appearance;
–Encapsulated with epoxy resin to ensure strong insulation ability;


Low cost
* Small size , High linearity with DC immunity characteristics.
* High accuracy,wide linear range,good consistency
* Terminal: PCB Mounted or Lead, Steady phase shift
* Toroidal Nanocrystalline and Nickel Alloy cores available
* Various choices for different configurations


Electronic energy meter, power transducer, precision power meter and other power and energy monitoring devices;
Over current protection circuit of motor and other electrical appliances.

Model Specifications Rated Pr.Current Max. Current Rated Sec. Current (mA) DC immune(A) Load Resistance(Ω) Accuracy Class
HY-DCT-603 5(30)A/2mA 5A 30A 2mA ≥22A 25Ω 0.1/0.2
10(40)A/4mA 10A 40A 4mA ≥28.5A 20Ω 0.1/0.2
10(60)A/4mA 10A 60A 4mA ≥43A 12.5Ω 0.1/0.2


DCT-603 Type Mini Current Transformer-heyi

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