D5 Type Current Sensor


The D5 Series current sensor is a closed loop device based on the measuring principle of the hall effect, with a galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuit, the size of primary doesn’t affect test precision, no matter the location of primary in the hole of current sensor. It can really measure resolution 1000:1, it uses for precision measurement of DC, AC and pulse current.

Directions for use:

  • When the current will be measured goes through a sensor, the current will be measured at the output end. (Note: The false wiring may result in the damage of the sensor)
  • Custom design in the different rated input current and the output current are available.


  • Variable speed drives
  • Welding machine
  • Battery supplied applications
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).
  • Electrochemical
Type D5-50A D5-100A D5-200A D5-300A Unit
Rated current(Ipn) ±50 ±100 ±200 ±300 A
Measure range(Ip) 0—±75 0—±150 0—±300 0—±450 A
Turns ratio(Np/Ns) 1:1000 1:2000 1:2000 1:2000 T
Measure resister with±15V @±50Amax @±100Amax @±200Amax @±300Amax Ω
0(min)186(max) 0(min)175(max) 0(min)100(max) 0(min)56(max)
@±75Amax @±150Amax @±300Amax @±450Amax Ω
0(min)117(max) 0(min)106(max) 0(min)56(max) 0(min)21(max)
Measure resister with±18V @±50Amax @±100Amax @±200Amax @±300Amax Ω
0(min)304(max) 0(min)293(max) 0(min)130(max) 0(min)75(max)
@±75Amax @±150Amax @±300Amax @±450Amax Ω
0(min)159(max) 0(min)148(max) 0(min)75(max) 0(min)31(max)
Coil resister 14 25 25 25 Ω
Rated output 50 50 100 150 mA
Supply voltage ±12,±15,±18 V
Power Consumption ≤20+IpX(Np/Ns) mA
Offset current @Ip=0      ±0.2 mA
Offset drift @ -40~+85℃      ≤±0.5 mA
Linearity @Ip=0-±Ipn     ≤0.1 %FS
Response time @50A/μS, 10%-90%       ≤1 μS
Galvanic isolation @ 50HZ,AC,1min      6 KV
di/dt >100 A/us
Bandwidth @ -1dB        0~150 KHZ
Mechanical dimension(for reference only) Note
D5 Type Current Sensor-heyi 1. All dimensions are in mm.
2. General tolerance ±1mm.3. Elucidation: 1:+15V 2:–15V 3:I0UT 4:NC
General date Value Unit
Operating temperature(TA) -40 to +85
Storage temperature(TS) -40 to +125
Mass(approx) (M) 79 g
Pulse current signal response characteristic Effects of impulse noise
D5 Type Current Sensor-heyi ( Input signal )

( Output signal )

D5 Type Current Sensor-heyi ( Output voltage )

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