CT-111 Type Mini Current Transformer


Product description:

-Suitable for a wide range of current(1.5A~120A);

– There are standard holes on the primary lead wire; therefore, can be fixed at the terminal of the electricity meters with standard bolts, which makes it both firm and convenient;

– The primary lead wire is highly customer-tailored with more than 100 specifications;

– Encapsulated with epoxy resin to ensure strong insulation ability;

– Linear output current, high precision;

– PBT anti-combustion pladtic casing.

Model Specifi cations Rated Pr.Current Max. Current Rated Sec. Current (mA) Rated sampling voltage Load Resistance(Ω) Accuracy Class
HY-CT-111 1.5(6)A/1.5mA 1.5A 6A 1.5mA 7.5mV 0.2
1.5(6)A/0.75mA 1.5A 6A 0.75mA 7.5mV 10Ω 0.2
5(30)A/5mA 5A 30A 5mA 100mV 20Ω 0.1/0.2
5(30)A/2.5mA 5A 30A 2.5mA 50mV 20Ω 0.1/0.2
10(40)A/10mA 10A 40A 10mA 100mV 10Ω 0.1/0.2
10(60)A/5mA 10A 60A 5mA 50mV 10Ω 0.1/0.2


CT-111 Type Mini Current Transformer-heyi

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