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CP Type Current Transformer

  • Rated Input: 5A-3000A
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Bobbin: PBT
  • Rated Output: 1A,5A
  • Operating Temp:-25℃~+75℃

Current transformers of CP type are compact-smaller than other models with the current ratio of the transformer is small Clamshell-style terminal cover is well protected by the second terminal.With related accessories you can use Din rail mounting a current from 5A to 4000A.

The CP model of low voltage current transformers is a highly reliable and versatile device used for precise current measurement in the range of 5-3000A.
With its robust construction and advanced design,the CP current transformers ensures accurate and consistent measurements even in demanding environments.

CP current transformers provides electrical isolation for enhanced safety and offers excellent linearity and accuracy across the entire measurement range.
The CP current transformers is a trusted choice for power monitoring, energy management, and equipment protection applications, providing reliable data for effective decision-making and ensuring the optimal performance of low voltage systems.


  • Three built in fixing methods: Panel/Din Rail/Busbar.
  • Built in hinged terminal cover.
  • Compact design.
  • Primary current from 5A to 4000A.


  • Current measurement, monitoring and piotection for electrical wiring and equipment.
  • Current and power measurement for electric motors, lighting, air compressor, heating and ventilation system,air-condition equipment and automation-control system.
  • Current, power and energy monitoring device.
  • Relay protection device.
Model Primary / Secondary Busbar Hole Dimensions(mm) Rated Burden (VA) Accuracy Class Rated Voltage
CP-62/B 5/5A~150/5A busbar 1.5~2.5 0.5 /1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-45/14 5/5A~100/5A ø=14mm 1~2.5 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-62/20 30/5A~200/5A ø=20mm 1.5~5 0.5 /1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-62/30 30/5A~200/5A ø=30mm 1.5~5 0.5 /1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-62/40 60/5A~300/5A ø=40mm 2.5~5 0.5 /1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-74/50 300/5A~600/5A ø=50mm 2.5~5 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-80/30 30/5A~200/5A ø=30mm 2.5~5 0.5 /1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-80/40 100/5A~500/5A ø=40mm 2.5~10 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-86/60 250/5A~1000/5A ø=60mm 3.75~15 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-100/60 400/5A~1600/5A ø=60mm 3.75~20 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-104/80 600/5A~2000/5A ø=80mm 10~20 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)
CP-140/100 800/5A~3000/5A ø=100mm 15~25 0.5/1.0 0.72KV(AC)



CP Type Current Transformer-heyi


CP Type Current Transformer-heyi


CP Type Current Transformer-heyi


CP Type Current Transformer-heyi


CP Type Current Transformer-heyi


CP Type Current Transformer-heyi


CP Type Current Transformer-heyi


CP Type Current Transformer-heyi


CP Type Current Transformer-heyi

CP Type Current Transformer-heyi

For more detailed parameters of CP current transformers, please go to the technical page, products can be customized, please contact us!!

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