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CP-4 Type Isolating Current Transformer

  • Tough resilient flame retardant:UL-94V0
  • Temperature range:-20℃ to 70℃
  • Accuracy class:1.0,0.5
  • Test voltage:4kV 50Hz 1min
  • Operating Voltage:0.72kV 50/60Hz
  • Normal secondary winding:1A or 5A
  • Burden:5VA or 7.5VA
  • Input:5/5A,1/1  Aother by request

Isolating current transformer, commonly known as Isolation CTs, are specialized electrical devices that provide electrical isolation between the primary current-carrying circuit and the secondary circuit. They serve a crucial role in maintaining safety, reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI), and ensuring the precise measurement of electrical currents in various applications.


  • Electrical Isolation: The primary function of isolating current transformer is to offer electrical isolation between the primary circuit (high-voltage side) and the secondary circuit (low-voltage side). This isolating current transformer enhances electrical safety by preventing direct electrical contact between the two circuits.
  • EMI Suppression: Isolating current transformer effectively reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio-frequency interference (RFI), making them valuable in applications that require clean and interference-free electrical measurements.
  • Current Measurement: These isolating current transformer accurately measure the primary current passing through their primary winding and provide a proportional secondary current suitable for measurement and protection devices.
  • Wide Application Range: Isolating current transformer find use in a broad spectrum of applications, from industrial processes to power distribution, where precise current measurement is vital.


Isolation current transformers are used in various scenarios to ensure electrical safety, accurate measurements, and interference reduction:

  • Safety in High-Voltage Environments: Isolation current transformers are crucial for ensuring safety in high-voltage environments, as they prevent direct contact with high-voltage circuits, reducing the risk of electrical accidents.
  • Power Quality Monitoring: They play a significant role in power quality monitoring systems, providing precise current measurements essential for assessing and improving the quality of electrical power.
  • Ground Fault Protection: Isolation CTs are employed in ground fault protection systems to detect and measure ground fault currents accurately, helping prevent electrical hazards.
  • Energy Management: They are used in energy management systems to monitor current flow, track energy consumption, and optimize energy usage in industrial and commercial settings.
  • Motor Control and Protection: Isolation CTs are often integrated into motor control and protection circuits to monitor motor current and provide overload protection.
  • Instrumentation and Control: They are utilized in instrumentation and control systems to ensure accurate current measurements for process control and data acquisition.

In summary, Isolation current transformers are essential components in electrical systems and applications where electrical isolation, precise current measurement, and EMI suppression are critical. Their role in enhancing electrical safety and ensuring accurate measurements makes them indispensable in a wide range of industries and settings.

Encapsulated current transformer Technical parameter
Tough resilient flame retardant UL-94V0
Temperature range  -20℃ to 70℃
Accuracy class 1.0,0.5
Test voltage 4kV 50Hz 1min
Standard IEC44-1,IEC185,BS3938,DIN42600
Insulation Class E,Max 120℃,Totally enclosed in tough,self extinguishing mouldings
Operating Voltage 0.72kV 50/60Hz
Normal secondary winding 1A or 5A
Compliance lEC 185 and BS 3938/1973
Burden 5VA or 7.5VA
Type of material High impact flame-retardant moulded resin
Input 5/5A,1/1  Aother by request.


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CP-4 Type Isolating Current Transformer-heyi


CP-4 Type Isolating Current Transformer-heyi

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