Type B Residual Current sensors HYCA-16 type

Charging Pile Residual Current Sensors: Introducing HYCA-16

Charging pile residual current sensors, epitomized by HYCA-16, rely on advanced electromagnetic induction. Detecting current variations during leakage, the sensor ensures swift and accurate fault identification.


  • Aperture and Plug-in Installation: HYCA-16, with a 16mm aperture, facilitates easy installation via a plug-in mechanism, reducing complexity.
  • Precision Detection: A highly sensitive electromagnetic sensor ensures real-time detection of faint leakages, enhancing charging station safety.
  • Robust Protection: Crafted from high-grade materials, the sensor’s outer casing ensures stability and reliability in diverse environments.
  • Customization Options: Tailor the casing’s shape and material to specific requirements, adapting seamlessly to various installations.
  • Smart Communication: Supports intelligent communication protocols, facilitating connectivity with charging station control systems for remote monitoring.
  • Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, HYCA-16 maintains outstanding performance, reducing long-term maintenance costs.


Residual current monitors model HYCA-16 is suitable for various charging scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial Charging Stations
  • Residential EV Chargers
  • Public Charging Facilities
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging pile residual current sensors, exemplified by HYCA-16, mark a transformative step in EV charging safety. Their precision, robustness, and adaptability underscore their role as indispensable guardians of charging infrastructure reliability.

model Corresponding standards DC trigger threshold AC trigger threshold
HYCA-16/MD IEC62955 6mA /
HYCA-16/PD IEC62752 6mA 30mA
Absolute maximum ratings (not operating)
Electrical data Symbol Unit Specification Conditions
Load dump vervoltage UC V 32 400ms
Over-voltage UC V 25 1 minute
Reverse polarity UC V -16 1 minute
Minimum supply voltage UCmin V 6 Continuous not operating
Maximum supply voltage UCmax V 18 Continuous not operating←
Creepage distance dcp mm 7.2
Clearance dci mm 6.9
RMS voltage for AC insulation test Ud KV 2.5 50HZ, 1minute
Insulation resistance Rins 500 500 V    iso 16750-2


Type B Residual Current sensors HYCA-16 type-heyi

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