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Mini Current Transformer

Small current transformer is a sensor that is mainly used to measure parameters such as current, power, and electrical energy in AC circuits. It can amplify a high current into a small current through a peak value, facilitating subsequent processing and measurement analysis of other components in the circuit.

The small current transformer adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction. The magnetic field generated by the high current in the circuit acts on the iron core of the transformer, causing an induced electromotive force to be generated in the coil inside the transformer, thereby realizing current detection. Its output signal is mainly in direct proportion to the magnetic field strength of the current in the circuit under test.

Small current transformers have the characteristics of fast response, high measurement accuracy, and easy installation. Moreover, its small size and light weight do not easily cause circuit imbalance.

Small current transformers are widely used in power systems, such as power metering, circuit breaker protection, power load adjustment, and power monitoring. They are also suitable for municipal engineering, industrial and mining enterprises, and communication fields.


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