The Hannover messe Show 2023

News | company news | Feb 27,2023

Meet HEYI at the Hannover messe Show 2023

The Hannover messe Show 2023-heyi

Heyi Electric Co., Ltd. will attend the Hannover messe show in Germany with Hall No. 12 Booth No.F01-2 for our latest products from April 17th to 21st.

  1. This time, we will show the newly developed AC/DC sensor, fluxgate sensor, Hall sensor for electric vehicle charge of new energy vehicles.
  2. Improved models of open type current transformer structure, such as KCT,HK,DP,SCT series.
  3. For electric utility bidding, we developed outdoor waterproof open-type current transformer and outdoor epoxy resin current transformer.
  4. For some customers with special requirements, Heyi Company also has high-precision transformer like CLASS:0.1 , CLASS:0.2S, CLASS:0.5S.
  5. protection level current transformer protection level can be customized according to customer requirements, custom requires p20 5, 5 p15, 5 p10, 5 (p5, 10 p20, p15 10, 10 p10, ten p5,.
  6. Detect leakage current ZCT series transformers, as well as the generally accepted ring transformers and micro transformers.
  7. Shunt series, models are FL-2D,FL-2,FL-13,FL-19,FL-21,FL-23.

Heyi Electric Co., Ltd. specialize in the research, design and manufacture of current transformers, current sensors and related accessories.The series of products are widely used in smart grid industry such as charging pillar.

Welcome friends from all over the world to come to our booth. We sincerely hope to meet and communicate with you at the messe.

The Hannover messe Show 2023-heyi

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