Application of HEYI KCT series micro current transformer

News | company news | Jun 13,2024

Application of HEYI KCT series micro current transformer

  HEYI brand of KCT type split core current transformers have been specifically design to be small CT and easy to open and yet maintain the accuracy required for kwh meters. The benefit of a split core current transformers is that it can be place into position easily and without disturbing or disconnecting the main cables it is monitoring. The KCT type of current transformers has two insulated terminal covers for connecting the S1 and S2 cables which lock down over the terminal screws fully insulating the connections. This makes it ideal to use Autometers cable hamesses which are colour code and individually number on each conductor ensuring simple and easy connection from the current transformer to the electricity meter.

KCT type miniature current transformer uses a semi-circular iron core and secondary winding that are vacuum cast with high-quality epoxy resin in a flame-retardant plastic shell, which can prevent moisture and has very stable performance, which ensures that it does not require maintenance. We have achieved practicality, and in fact, it must also have aesthetics, just like a person who is not only talented but also outstanding in appearance. In fact, when installing the open-close current transformer, the two semi-circular rings are clamp on the phase-splitting cable, and clamped with a clamp. The three elastic rubber rings hold the cable against the cable, which is very harmonious and beautiful.

  • Precautions when using KCT type current transformer

Before using HEYI brand KCT type micro current transformer, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1.  Before use, you must check whether the appearance is deform, otherwise it will affect the test accuracy.
  2. Before use, check whether the core end face is clean. Wipe it with dry silk cloth (do not use alcohol or water).
  3. There is a buckle at the opening of the KCT series open-type current transformer. Make sure you hear a click after pressing the buckle to prevent it from falling during subsequent use.

Some models have mounting accessories, please install them firmly to avoid them falling off later.Application of HEYI KCT series micro current transformer

Application of HEYI KCT series micro current transformer-heyi

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