About Yueqing HEYI Electric Co., Ltd.

News | | May 31,2024

About Yueqing HEYI Electric Co., Ltd.

Yueqing Heyi Electric Co., Ltd. was establish in 2012. It is a young and flexible manufacturer of current transformers and current sensors. The chief engineer, sales director, and production manager are all members of our family. HEYI is a small family company. Years of hard work to become the OEM and ODM supplier of Siemens, Schneider, Fuji Electric, Softbank, LG, Samsung and other companies.

Thanks to a strong R&D and design team and production team, today Heyi has certificates and certificates from many countries. Test report, our transformer products are export to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and other countries, and we have signed purchase agreements with power bureaus in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. In addition, HEYI is in There are local cooperative factories in Egypt and Indonesia.

The company now has two brands of ASCT and HEYI, more than 6 product patents, more than 100 current transformer models, giving customers more choices, and will develop new currents every year. Transformers are adapt to the needs of future smart grids. Power product purchasers from various countries are welcome to establish long-term cooperation with Heyi. We can customize and design according to customer needs, and provide door-to-door services to solve customer problems after sales.

Our company has its own YouTube account, which is update frequently. The name is “Bethy Cai” who has posted many videos about current transformers and other electrical equipment. I hope you can watch them. If you like them, you can subscribe. The account is newly create. If there is anything that needs to be improve, you can comment and interact more. Thank you.

About Yueqing HEYI Electric Co., Ltd.-heyi

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