BK series control transformer


BK Series control transformer (hereinafter referred to as the transformer )50-60Hz apply to 500V circuit usually as a tool to control local electrical lights and power indicator light.

Structure feature
BK Series transformer can be classified according to the structure of the shell and by the way the installation can be divided into vertical.

Usage environment
Ambient air temperature kr-5°Cto +40°,24 hour on average no more than +35°.
Location to install an altitude of no more than 2000m.
Air relative humidity in the anbient air temperature +40°less than 50%,at a relatively low temperature can have a high relative humidity ,wet on the monthly average maxium humidity was 90% ,while the mean minium temperature +25°,and taking intoaccount the temperature changes occur as a result of the product on the surface of the Gel .Shape and size of the installation

What is the control transformer

The control transformer is mainly suitable for AC 50Hz(or 60Hz), voltage 1000V and below circuit, can work continuously for a long time under rated load. Usually used in machine tools, mechanical equipment as electrical control lighting and indicator power.
The control transformer is a small dry type transformer. Commonly used as a local lighting power source, signal lamp or indicator power supply, in electrical equipment as a control circuit power supply.
The control transformer works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. A transformer has two sets of coils. Primary coil and secondary coil. The secondary coil is outside the primary coil. When the primary coil is connected with alternating current, the transformer core generates alternating magnetic field, and the secondary coil generates induced electromotive force. The coil turns ratio of Satons transformer is equal to the voltage ratio.

Model Shape and size Distance to install Installation hole K*J
B max D max E max A C
BK25~50 78 68 87 52±0.5 52±0.5 4.8*9
BK-100 84 82 94 64±0.5 64±0.5 4.8*9
BK-150 96 98 106 81±0.5 81±0.5 5.8*11
BK-200 96 105 106 88±0.5 88±0.5 5.8*11
BK-250 96 108 106 91±0.5 91±0.5 5.8*11
BK-300 120 117 114 97±0.5 97±0.5 7*13
BK-400 132 124 124 104±0.5 104±0.5 7*13
BK-500 132 124 124 104±0.5 104±0.5 7*13
BK-700 132 134 124 114±0.5 114±0.5 7*13
BK-1000 150 153 142 128±0.5 128±0.5 8*13
BK-1500 192 147 177 122±0.5 122±0.5 8*13
BK-2000 192 167 177 152±0.5 152±0.5 8*13
BK-3000 215 220 240 165±0.5 165±0.5 8*13
BK-5000 260 220 280 240±0.5 240±0.5 8*13
BK-10K 300 220 290 280±0.5 280±0.5 8*13


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