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B8XT Type Current Sensor


B8XT series current sensor is two closed loop device based on the measuring principle of the hall effect, with a galvanic isolation between primary and secondary circuit. It has strong anti-jamming ability and provides accurate electronic measurement of DC, AC or pulsed currents.

Directions for use:

  • When the current will be measured goes through a sensor, the current will be measured at the output end. (Note: The false wiring may result in the damage of the sensor)
  • Custom design in the different rated input current and the output current are available.


  • AC variable speed drives
  • Static converters for DC motor drives
  • Battery supplied applications.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).
  • Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).
  • Power supplies for welding applications.
Type B8XT-5A B8XT-10A B8XT-15A B8XT-25A Unit
Rated current(Ipn) 5 10 15 25 A
Measure range(Ip) 10 20 30 50 A
Turns ratio(Np/Ns) 5:1000 3:1200 2:1200 1:1000 T
Internal resister 25±0.1% 25±0.1% 25±0.1% 25±0.1% Ω
Size of primary pins ¢0.6 ¢0.8 ¢1.0 ¢1.4 mm
Rated output @Ip=±Ipn    ±0.625±0.5% V
Supply voltage +5V V
Power Consumption ≤20+ IpX(Np/Ns) mA
Zero voltage @Ip=0      +2.5±0.5% V
Zero voltage drift @ -40~+85℃     ≤±0.5 mV /℃
Linearity @Ip=0-±Ipn    ≤0.1 %FS
Total precision ≤±0.7 %
di/dt accurately followed >50 A /μS
Response time @100A/μ S,10%-90%    ≤500 ns
Galvanic isolation @ 50HZ,AC,1min      2.5 KV
Bandwidth @ -1db       DC~100 KHZ
Mechanical dimension(for reference only) Note
B8XT Type Current Sensor-heyi 1……Out
General date Value Unit
Operating temperature(TA) -40 to +85
Storage temperature(TS) -40 to +125
Mass(approx) (M) 15 g
Pulse current signal response characteristic Effects of impulse noise
B8XT Type Current Sensor-heyi ( Input signal )

( Output signal )

B8XT Type Current Sensor-heyi ( Output voltage )

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