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Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate HYCA-08 type

  • Small volume and footprint for integration into compact IC-CPD.
  • Avoids hazardous situations with DC fault currents.
  • Protects RCCB type A from saturation.
  • Saves costly type B RCCD.
    Volume optimized.
  • AC/DC-current sensitivity at low cost.
  • Protects RCCB type A from saturation.
  • Self-monitoring and test functions.
  • Robust mechanical design suitable for IC-CP.

Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate HYCA-F08 type

Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate is a state-of-the-art sensing technology used for accurate current measurement in automotive applications. It employs the Fluxgate principle, which involves utilizing a ferromagnetic core and exciting it with an alternating magnetic field. This causes the core to undergo magnetic hysteresis, resulting in a secondary magnetic field that is proportional to the current passing through the sensor.

The Fluxgate technology offers exceptional precision and linearity, ensuring accurate and reliable current measurements even in challenging environments. It provides high-resolution output and excellent sensitivity, making it suitable for detecting even small current variations.

The Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate is designed to meet the stringent requirements of automotive systems, including hybrid and electric vehicles, battery packs, and power management applications. It offers advantages such as high immunity to electromagnetic interference, low offset and temperature drift, and wide frequency bandwidth.

With its advanced Fluxgate technology, our Automotive Current Sensor delivers precise current measurements, enabling efficient monitoring and control of automotive electrical systems. Its robust construction, reliability, and superior performance make it an ideal choice for automotive engineers and professionals seeking accurate current sensing solutions.

Introducing our Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate, a cutting-edge solution for precise current measurement in automotive applications. This sensor incorporates Fluxgate technology, providing accurate and reliable measurements in demanding environments.

Featuring a transducer based on Fluxgate technology, the sensor offers exceptional sensitivity and linearity. It operates on a unipolar +12V battery power supply, ensuring compatibility with automotive power systems. Moreover, it supports the widely used CAN2.0B protocol, enabling seamless integration into automotive networks.

The Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate delivers its output signal through high-speed CAN communication, achieving data rates of up to 500 kbps. This allows for fast and reliable transmission of current measurements within the vehicle’s electrical system.

With outstanding advantages, this sensor ensures a total error of just 0.5% across a wide temperature range from -40℃ to 85℃. It exhibits a minimal offset below 10mA, guaranteeing accurate current readings. The sensor also boasts a wide frequency bandwidth and full galvanic separation, enabling precise measurements and reliable performance.

This Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate finds versatile applications, including hybrid and electric vehicle battery packs, conventional lead-acid batteries, AC variable speed drives and drives, and power supplies for welding. Its robust construction and exceptional performance make it an ideal choice for automotive engineers seeking reliable current sensing solutions.

Choose our Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of current measurement in automotive applications. With its Fluxgate technology, broad temperature range, and wide range of applications, this sensor provides the reliability and precision required for advanced automotive systems.


  • Transducer using Fluxgate technology.
  • Unipolar +12V battery power supply.
  • Support for CAN2.0B protocol Output signal: High speed CAN (up to 500 kpbs)
  • High-performance automotive sensor, accurate measurement, strong reliability.
  • Using innovative technology and advanced functions, intelligent, self-adaptive and high-speed response.
  • Ensure vehicle safety, prevent accidents, and provide critical data.
  • Compatible with various vehicle types and systems, flexible customization.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions


  • Hybrid and electric vehicle battery pack
  • Conventional lead-acid batteries
  • AC variable speed drives and drives
  • Power supplies for welding
model Corresponding standards DC trigger threshold AC trigger threshold
HYCA-08/PD IEC62752 6mA 30mA
HYCA-08/MD IEC62955 6mA /
Absolute maximum ratings (not operating)
Electrical data Symbol Unit Specification Conditions
Load dump vervoltage UC V 32 400ms
Over-voltage UC V 25 1 minute
Reverse polarity UC V -16 1 minute
Minimum supply voltage UCmin V 6 Continuous not operating
Maximum supply voltage UCmax V 18 Continuous not operating←
Creepage distance dcp mm 7.2
Clearance dci mm 6.9
RMS voltage for AC insulation test Ud KV 2.5 50HZ, 1minute
Insulation resistance Rins 500 500 V    iso 16750-2



Automotive Current Sensor Fluxgate HYCA-08 type-heyi

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