Active & Reactive Combined Power Transducer HYB-WR3

Active and Reactive Power Transducer: Revolutionizing Power Management.

The Combined Active and Reactive Power Transducer is a groundbreaking innovation that redefines power management. This advanced device offers the simultaneous measurement of active and reactive power, providing comprehensive insights into power utilization.

Feature :

  • Dual Power Monitoring: This transducer excels in the simultaneous measurement of both active and reactive power, offering an all-encompassing view of energy consumption.
  • Unmatched Precision: With exceptional accuracy, it delivers reliable data for precise power management and optimization, ensuring efficient energy use.
  • Single Device, Multiple Benefits: Eliminate the need for separate transducers; a single device delivers a holistic perspective on power utilization.
  • Safety and Isolation: Robust insulation ensures operational safety by isolating the measurement circuit from external electrical contact.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Equipped with communication interfaces, it facilitates effortless data transfer to monitoring systems for real-time analysis.


  • Energy Efficiency Enhancement: By tracking both active and reactive power, it empowers organizations to boost energy efficiency and reduce wastage.
  • Comprehensive Power Quality Analysis: The transducer provides a complete power profile, aiding in the identification and resolution of power quality issues.
  • Cost Savings: Optimize power consumption, reduce costs, and enhance financial sustainability through holistic power management.
  • Industrial Automation: In industrial automation settings, it serves to monitor power consumption in automated processes, enhancing production efficiency and reliability.

The Combined Active and Reactive Power Transducer is a transformative solution in power management. It empowers businesses to achieve greater energy efficiency, maintain superior power quality, and realize substantial cost savings through its advanced dual power monitoring capabilities.

Measurement 3phase 3wire Or 3phase 4wire
Input Voltage: 57.7Vac、100Vac,220Vac,400Vac  Current: 1Aac,5Aac
Standard range for Active 0-173.2W、0-866Wr、0-3000Wr、0~±173.2W、0~±866W ,etc.
Standard range for Reactive 0-173.2var、0-866var、0-3000var、0~±173.2var、0~±866var,etc.
Allow overload Voltage × 1.2 times the nominal value continuous;
current × 1.2 times the nominal value continuous;
current × 10 times the nominal value for 10s
Accuracy 0.2%、0.5%
Response time ≤400ms
Output Voltage 0~ 10VDC, 0~ 5VDC (load resistance = input voltage /10mAdc)
Output Current 0~20mAdc ,4~20mAdc(Load Resistance = 10Vdc / output current)
Output ripple ≤0.5% RO peak
Work environment temperature and humidity 0~50℃/<80% relative humidity(no condensing)
Storage conditions temperature and humidity -20~70℃/ less than 70% relative humidity (no condensation)
Aux.Power supply AC/DC 80V~270V can be customized special specifications (DC12V, 24V, 48V)
Isolate Input/output/power/shell
Power consumption DC about 3W, AC about 4VA
Shell material ABS fireproof material
weighs about 450 grams
Compressive strength AC2Kvrms /min
Insulation resistance more than 100 m Ω DC500V
Shape and size 120 (L) × 110 (W) × 75 (H) mm
Installation 35mm standard guide rail or fixed on the cabinet

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